Part 3 - Core Requirements

2.1  The institution has degree-granting authority from the appropriate government agency or agencies. (Degree-granting Authority)

Partial Compliance


The Louisiana Board of Regents coordinates and establishes policies for the State’s public postsecondary education system. Revised Statute 17.3352 of the Constitution of Louisiana allows the Louisiana Board of Regents to authorize each of four governing boards to confer degrees. The Board of Regents’ Constitutional Authority Academic Affairs Policy states that “The 1974 Louisiana Constitution vests in the Board of Regents the responsibility to approve, disapprove, or modify all existing and proposed degree programs and administrative units in Louisiana’s public colleges and universities.

The four governing boards include: the Louisiana State University (LSU) System, the University of Louisiana System (ULS), the Southern University System, and the Louisiana Community and Technical College System. Each of these systems is managed by its own board.

In December 2011, the University of New Orleans became the ninth member of the University of Louisiana System when Act 419 was passed by the Louisiana legislature to transfer UNO from the Louisiana State University System. The University of New Orleans receives authority from the University of Louisiana System to confer degrees. The UL System was established in June 1995 by Louisiana Revised Statute 17:3217. The Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System is authorized by Article VIII, Section 6 of the Louisiana Constitution to govern the University of Louisiana System.

Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconACT_419Legislation moving UNO to University of Louisiana System
Document IconArticle_VIII_Section_6_Louisiana_ConstitutionConstitutional Authority for the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors
Document IconBoR_Academic_Affairs_Policy_2.01Vests Board of Regents with degree approval, disapproval and modification authority
Document IconStatute_17.3217List of universities managed by University of Louisiana System
Document IconStatute_17.3352Constitutional authority for Board of Regents to authorize governing boards to confer degrees