Part 3 - Core Requirements

2.6  The institution is in operation and has students enrolled in degree programs. (Continuous Operation)

Partial Compliance


The University of New Orleans was established by Act 60 of the 1956 Louisiana Legislature in the wake of a citizens’ movement to bring tax-supported higher education to the New Orleans metropolitan area. The University of New Orleans (UNO) has been in continuous operation since it enrolled its first Freshman class in Fall 1958. Initially the university began operation as a satellite campus of Louisiana State University (LSU) named Louisiana State University in New Orleans (LSUNO).  In February 1974, the LSU Board of Supervisors approved a name change and the university was renamed the University of New Orleans. In 2011, Act 419 of the Louisiana Legislature transferred governance of the University of New Orleans from the Louisiana State University System to the University of Louisiana System. A brief history of the university is available on the website.

Table 1 provides a summary of enrollment data for key benchmark years. A more detailed summary of annual enrollment data is posted on the Institutional Effectiveness website.

Table 1: Enrollment Summary for Benchmark Years

Academic Year Note Total Enrollment
1958-59 First year of operation 1,460
1969-70 First year of enrollment passed 10,000 10,343
1973-74 Year of name change to the University of New Orleans 17,350
2011-12 Year UNO transferred to the University of Louisiana System 10,903
2013-14 Most recent academic year 9323


As of academic year 2013-14, the University of New Orleans has awarded a total of 83,402 undergraduate and graduate degrees. Each year, the University of New Orleans submits a Preliminary Headcount Enrollment Summary based on the 14th day enrollment to the Board of Regents. According to the Fall 2013 report, the enrollment included 7,144 undergraduates and 2,179 graduate students. These students were enrolled in 83 degree programs: 38 at the undergraduate level, 34 at the Master’s level, and 11 at the doctoral level.

Enrollment data are managed via PeopleSoft and allow academic colleges and departments to produce summaries by program of study. Table 2 presents enrollment summaries over a five year period for each college. Although Interdisciplinary Studies is not a separate college, the table includes enrollment for this group of students.

Table 2: Total enrollment by college over five year period

College Fall 2009 Fall 2010 Fall 2011 Fall 2012 Fall 2013
Business 2391 Under 2221 Under 2161 Under 1934 Under 1808 Under


845 Grad

3236 Total

769 Grad

3017 Total

488 Under

806 Grad

1294 Total

601 Grad

2535 Total

516 Grad

2324 Total

Education and Human Development

488 Under

885 Grad

1373 Total

530 Under

910 Grad

1440 Total

488 Under

806 Grad

1294 Total

433 Under

693 Grad

1126 Total

383 Under

576 Grad

959 Total


1027 Under

232 Grad

1259 Total

1058 Under

218 Grad

1276 Total

1017 Under

191 Grad

1208 Total

946 Under

177 Grad

1123 Total

837 Under

180 Grad

1017 Total

Liberal Arts

1886 Under

690 Grad

2576 Total

1856 Under

732 Grad

2588 Total

1766 Under

693 Grad

2459 Total

1625 Under

695 Grad

2320 Total

1460 Under

646 Grad

2106 Total


2064 Under

312 Grad

2376 Total

2030 Under

253 Grad

2283 Total

2191 Under

231 Grad

2422 Total

2148 Under

213 Grad

2361 Total

2042 Under

247 Grad

2289 Total

Interdisciplinary Studies and other students

890 Under

14 Grad

904 Total

650 Under

22 Grad

672 Total

516 Under

126 Grad

642 Total

467 Under

139 Grad

606 Total

451 Under

167 Grad

618 Total


Enrollment summaries by academic program for each college are produced each semester and disseminated on the Institutional Research website. Fall 2013 enrollment summaries by academic program are provided as examples: College of Business AdministrationCollege of Education and Human Development, College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts, College of Sciences.

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