Part 3 - Core Requirements

2.7.4  The institution provides instruction for all course work required for at least one degree program at each level at which it awards degrees. If the institution does not provide instruction for all such course work and (1) makes arrangements for some instruction to be provided by other accredited institutions or entities through contracts or consortia or (2) uses some other alternative approach to meeting this requirement, the alternative approach must be approved by the Commission's Board of Trustees. In both cases, the institution demonstrates that it controls all aspects of its educational program.  (Course work for Degrees)

Partial Compliance


The University of New Orleans provides instruction for all coursework required for all degrees offered by the University at each level: baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral with the exception of one undergraduate degree program.. The list of degrees offered by each college are listed in the appropriate section of the Catalog. Course requirements are listed for undergraduate programs in a format aligned with University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors policy governing degree requirements for baccalaureate degrees. Course requirements for graduate programs are described in the Catalog in the appropriate section for the college/department responsible for offering the degree program. Course information for all courses is available for students via WebSTAR. As required and reviewed by the University Courses and Curriculum Committee, a description is posted for each course with similar information: Title, number, prerequisites (if applicable), and course description.

An example of a degree offered at each level is provided below. Information on the required coursework is described and the section of the Catalog describing the courses associated with that degree program provided.

Program of Study
B.S. Chemistry Degree Requirements

Course Offerings - General Education Requirements

Course Offerings - Other Requirements

Course Offerings - Major Requirements

M.A.T. Elementary Education Degree Requirements

Course Offerings

Ph.D. Political Science Degree Requirements Course Offerings



The only program for which all required coursework is not offered by the University of New Orleans is the B.A. in Organizational Leadership. This degree is offered through a consortium agreement organized by the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors. Coursework is offered through the partnership of all nine members of the UL System, including the University of New Orleans.

The B.S. in Physics program also benefits from a consortium agreement with two other University of Louisiana institutions (Southeastern Louisiana University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) to offer elective coursework for the physics program. Although all required coursework for the program is offered by the University of New Orleans, the consortium agreement allows students to access a wider menu of elective coursework than the courses offered by UNO.

These consortial agreements are discussed in detail in Comprehensive Standard 3.4.7.

Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconBS_Chem_Major_RequirementsB.S. in Chemistry Major Requirements Course Ddescriptions
Document IconBS_Chem_Other_RequirementsB.S. in Chemistry Other Requirements Course Descriptions
Document IconCHEM_BS_DegReq_webB.S. in Chemistry - No Concentration Degree Requirement
Document IconElem_Ed_MAT_Deg_ReqDegree Requirements for M.A.T. in Elementary Education
Document IconGen_Ed_Course_DescripGeneral Education Course Descriptions
Document IconMAT_Elem_Ed_Course_DescM.A.T. in Elementary Education Requirements Course Descriptions
Document IconPhD_Poli_Sci_Course_DescPh.D. in Political Science Requirements Course Description
Document IconPoli_Sci_PhD_Deg_ReqDegree Requirements for Ph.D. in Political Science