Part 3 - Comprehensive Standards

3.12.1  The institution notifies the Commission of changes in accordance with the Commission's substantive change policy and, when required, seeks approval prior to the initiation of changes. (Substantive change)

Partial Compliance


The University of New Orleans has developed internal policy and adopted procedures to ensure its compliance with the SACSCOC substantive change policy and procedures. Administrative Policy AP-AA-10-2 Substantive Change ensures that all administrators and faculty alert the Office of Academic Affairs of any potential change in the scope of programs offered by the institution so that a Substantive Change request can be submitted to the Commission. The policy was recently updated to align with the recent changes in the SACSCOC policy on Substantive Change.

Table 1 provides information on all substantive change requests submitted to the Commission since the review of the Five Year report. The major substantive change for the institution was the transfer of the University of New Orleans from the Louisiana State University (LSU) System to the University of Louisiana System in December 2011 by Act 419. This act included language that the change in governing boards must be approved by SACSCOC. Other notifications during this time period focused on creating on-line degree programs, submitting monitoring reports related to Comprehensive Standard and a request to establish another off site instructional site (which was subsequently withdrawn).

Table 1: Summary of University of New Orleans Substantive Change Requests 

Year of Substantive Change Nature of Change Date of SACSCOC Correspondence Indicating Approval
2011 Change in governance boards from LSU System to UL System 01/10/2012
2012 Notification that First Monitoring Report is to be submitted in April 2013 07/11/2012

Acknowledgement that a letter sent regarding a number of approved programs to be delivered via distance delivery is retracted

Verification that the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree is approved for online delivery and that no additional information is needed
2012 Forming a consortium of University of Louisiana System universities to offer a degree completion program, the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership 11/08/2012
2012 Acknowledgement of appointment of new SACSCOC Liaison 12/05/2012
2012 Notification that prospectus for on-line format for the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies is not required. 01/07/2013
2012 Notification of a new off-campus instructional site in Covington, LA 02/05/2013
2013 Notification that First Monitoring Report was reviewed and that Second Monitoring Report is due April 2014 07/10/2013
2013 Rescind notification of a new off-campus instructional site in Covington, LA 10/30/2013
2014 Acceptance of notification that 50% or more of courses needed to complete degrees on-line: Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A. Philosophy, M.A. Arts Administration, M.A. Romance Languages, M.S. Hospitality & Tourism Management 03/07/2014
2014 Notification that Second Monitoring Report was reviewed and no additional report was requested. 07/09/2014


Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconACT_419Legislation moving UNO to University of Louisiana System
Document IconAP-AA-10.2-Substantive-Change-Request-Prior-to-ImplementationUniversity of New Orleans Administrative Policy AP-AA-10-2 Substantive Change
Document IconSACSCOC_letter_01_07_2013Letter from SACSCOC regarding Prospectus for Online Program for Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Document IconSACSCOC_letter_01_10_2012Letter from SACSCOC regarding Change in Governance Boards
Document IconSACSCOC_letter_02_05_2013Letter from SACSCOC regarding New Off-Campus Instructional Site
Document IconSACSCOC_letter_03_07_2014Letter from SACSCOC regarding Online Delivery Programs
Document IconSACSCOC_letter_07_09_2014Letter from SACSCOC regarding Second Monitoring Report
Document IconSACSCOC_letter_07_10_2013Letter from SACSCOC regarding First Monitoring Report
Document IconSACSCOC_letter_07_11_2012Letter from SACSCOC regarding First Monitoring Report
Document IconSACSCOC_letter_09_21_2012Letter from SACSCOC regarding distance delivery programs
Document IconSACSCOC_letter_10_30_2013Letter from SACSCOC regarding New Off-Campus Instructional Site
Document IconSACSCOC_letter_11_08_2012Letter from SACSCOC regarding Consortium to deliver B.A. in Organizational Leadership
Document IconSACSCOC_letter_12_05_2012Letter from SACSCOC regarding Appointment of Liaison
Document IconSACSCOC_Pol_Sub_ChangeSACSCOC Substantive Change for SACSCOC Accredited Institutions Policy Statement