Part 3 - Comprehensive Standards  (a) Applicable Policy Statement: An institution includes a review of its distance learning programs in the Compliance Certification.

Partial Compliance
Not Applicable


The University of New Orleans is in compliance with the principle under consideration.  The University addresses its compliance with the standards related to distance and correspondence education programs and courses in multiple reports.  Many of these reports also discuss how UNO is in compliance with different aspects of the SACSCOC Policy on Distance and Corresponding Education.

The standards for Federal Requirements 4.8.1, 4.8.2, and 4.8.3 directly address how UNO handles and complies with the SACSCOC standards for distance and correspondence education.

Additionally, given the directions and expectations summarized in the SACSCOC document “Guidelines for Addressing Distance Education and Correspondence Education” the University included statements in the reports that cover how UNO complies with the distance and correspondence education requirements from the following perspectives:


Mission and Organizational Structure CR 2.4, CS 3.1.1, CS 3.27
Institutional Effectiveness CR 2.5, CS 3.3.1
Educational Programs CS 3.4.7, CS 3.4.10, CS 3.4.12
Faculty CR 2.8, CS 3.7.1, CS 3.7.2, CS 3.7.3
Learning Resources CR 2.9, CS 3.8.1, CS 3.8.2, CS 3.8.3
Student Support Services CR 2.10, CS 3.4.9, CS 3.9.3, FR 4.5
Financial Resources CR 2.11.1
Physical Resources CR 2.11.2, CS 3.11.3


Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconSACSCOC_DistanceCorrespondenceEducation_PolicySACSCOC Policy on Distance and Corresponding Education
Document IconSACSCOC_GuidelinesAddressingDistanceCorrespondenceEducationSACSCOC Guidelines for Addressing Distance Education and Correspondence Education