Part 3 - Comprehensive Standards

3.2.12  The institution's chief executive officer controls the institution’s fund-raising activities. (Fund-raising activities)

Partial Compliance


The President of the University of New Orleans has ultimate authority over fund-raising activities conducted on behalf of the University.  His authority is prescribed by the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors Bylaws and Rules, Section IV.A, Role,” Contractual Arrangements, Benefits, Expenses, and Evaluations of Presidents [Page: 2] ” which includes in its list of the President’s role and responsibilities:

14.  Developing an effective community relations program including, but not limited to, developing ongoing relationships with alumni and building the university’s endowment.

15.  Providing effective leadership in efforts to secure various sources of funding for the university.

Immediate oversight of fund-raising undertaken directly by the University falls within the purview of the Executive Director for University Advancement (EDUA), who is appointed by and reports directly to the President.  The EDUA serves on the University Council, the President’s cabinet.  In weekly University Council meetings, the EDUA briefs the President and his cabinet on fund-raising activities and the progress of ongoing campaigns.

The specific arm of University Advancement charged with fund-raising is the Development Office whose mission is to help provide the critical resources for the University to achieve its mission of providing educational excellence to a diverse undergraduate and graduate student body.  The University President receives regular financial reports from the Development Office and the UNO Foundation, as well as notification of donations received. 

The major function of the Development Office is to raise money for the University of New Orleans through ongoing solicitation programs.  Professional staff members, in conjunction with trained, committed volunteers, make personal contacts with potential donors regarding the UNO First annual fund, major and planned giving opportunities, special events and fund-raising initiatives and endowed and non-endowed gifts for academic areas.   A variety of policies and guidelines support the work of the Development Office including: the gift acceptance policy, stewardship plan, and donor honor roll. Sample Board of Regent reports for Professorships and Chairs and a General Endowment stewardship report are included. The Philanthropy Summary for 2009 through 2013 is included as a supporting document.

The University of New Orleans Foundation serves as the primary recipient of private contributions to the University’s unrestricted, restricted and endowment funds which are held, invested and expended in support of the University programs.  Its key focus is in the areas of financial and support services and gift investment and endowment management.  The Foundation promotes the well-being and advancement of the University of New Orleans and its colleges, schools, departments and divisions. The University President serves as an ex-officio member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.  He receives regular financial reports from the Foundation, which detail its activities in fund-raising and investment.

Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconDev_Office_Donor_Honor_RollDevelopment Office Donor Honor Roll
Document IconDev_Office_Gift_Acceptance_PolicyDevelopment Office Gift Acceptance Policy
Document IconDev_Office_Stewardship_PlanDevelopment Office Stewardship Plan
Document IconExample_of_Board_of_Regents_Report_for_ChairsExample of Board of Regents Report for Chairs
Document IconExample_of_Board_of_Regents_Report_for_General_EndowmentExample of Board of Regents Report for General Endowment Stewardship
Document IconExample_of_Board_of_Regents_Report_for_ProfessorshipsExample of Board of Regents Report for Professorships
Document IconPres_Cab_Rep_Dev_ExampleExample of President's Cabinet weekly development report and metrics
Document IconUL_System_Policy_Chap_III_Sec_IV-AUniversity of Louisiana System Bylaw Sec. IV. Role, Contractual, Arrangements, Benefits, Expenses, and Evaluations of Presidents
Document IconUNO_Dev_Office_WebUNO Development Office website
Document IconUNO_Philanthropy_Summary_ 2009-2013UNO Philanthropy Summary 2009-2013