Part 3 - Comprehensive Standards

3.2.8  The institution has qualified administrative and academic officers with the experience and competence to lead the institution. (Qualified administrative/academic officers)

Partial Compliance


The administrative personnel and academic officers employed by the University of New Orleans are highly qualified to lead the university. Evidence of their qualifications is seen in their educational backgrounds and work experience.

The University of Louisiana System demonstrates its commitment to the employment of highly qualified leadership personnel through the adoption of policy to guide member institutions in the selection and employment of leadership personnel.

One example of such policy is F.S. III.II.A-1 Searches for University Presidents which includes the following requirement:

Advertisement of Vacancy in National Publications – The position may be advertised widely through an applicant clearing house, national publications and networks, or other mediums in an effort to attract a large applicant pool. This advertisement may be in addition to System and campus webpages, newspapers, and other announcements.

Another key policy at the System level is F.S. III.II B-1a Search Policies and Procedures for Positions of Dean or Higher which sets criteria regarding the academic qualifications of academic administrators:

Qualifications for Academic Administrators. Each academic administrator (department head, director, dean, or vice president) who is to be appointed with rank and in a tenure track position shall have an earned degree in a field appropriate to the position. In addition, each administrator shall have the earned doctorate or appropriate terminal degree for his/her discipline. Exceptions to this requirement may be made for community colleges or other special situations. Such exceptions must be approved by the System President.

Appointments for Vice Presidents, (Academic, Non-Academic) Deans and Athletic Directors. These appointments shall be submitted for approval by the Board as individual line items. Employment should not commence prior to official Board action. All terms and conditions of employment shall be submitted to All unclassified administrative staff shall hold their administrative appointment at the pleasure or will of the Board of Supervisors. The annual approval of the budget and personnel documents designating the salary and other personnel benefits for administrative personnel shall not constitute an implied nor expressed agreement for continued employment throughout that fiscal year, but are executed or approved solely for the purpose of budgeting and associated fiscal and administrative matters.

No employment of an administrative position is to begin prior to Board approval.

A third system policy, F.S. III.II.BCD-1 Personnel Actions, requires University of Louisiana System approval for the advertisement and filling of administrative positions.

Campus presidents may also advertise and fill unclassified administrative positions except the positions of Deans, Vice Presidents, Provosts, and Athletic Directors.

The System Office retains authority to approve the establishment of new unclassified positions and shall give provisional or interim approval to advertise and fill administrative positions of Deans, Vice Presidents (Associate and Assistant), and Athletic Directors or their equivalent positions.

University Procedures Governing Selection and Evaluation of Administrative Personnel

The University of New Orleans has procedures in place to ensure that appropriate personnel are hired for administrative positions. The process to fill vacant positions includes four major steps, each governed by adopted procedures.  The process begins with creating/updating a position description using an approved format (SP2 form). Upon approval by the Office of Human Resources, an advertisement is published at the national level for positions of Dean and higher. A search committee is organized by the Office of Academic Affairs or the Office of the President, depending on the position. Following applicant screening and interviews, a candidate is recommended. The recommended applicant must be approved by the EEO officer as well as the Provost. The candidate nominated to fill a faculty or administrative position must be approved by the EEO officer and by leadership at the department or college, vice presidential, presidential and board levels.

The University of New Orleans also includes procedures to review the effectiveness of all administrative personnel. As directed by university policy (AP-BA-45.2), all administrative personnel are evaluated annually by their supervisor using one of two instruments. Deans and Vice Presidents are evaluated using the Executive Performance Appraisal Form and other administrative personnel are evaluated using the Non-Classified Personnel Evaluation Form.

Key variables assessed in the process for Executive Leadership personnel include: leadership, decision making, planning, staff management, internal control and fiscal management, human relations, communication, and professional expertise. A sample of completed evaluations for Executive Leadership personnel is provided.

Key variables assessed in the evaluation process for other leadership personnel include: quality of work product, quantity of work product, dependability, cooperativeness, communication, daily decision making and problem solving, service to clients (students/customers), personal qualities and ethics, project planning and implementation, work group management and leadership, performance planning and review, budget and cost effectiveness, and compliance. Sample evaluations for non-classified leadership personnel from the 2013-14 academic year are provided.

An additional evaluation mechanism is provided for Deans and Vice Presidents on a three year cycle. This process is managed by the Faculty Senate and involves providing an opportunity for faculty and other critical stakeholders to complete a web-based survey. Results of the survey are provided to the President by the Senate President. An example of the most recently completed survey for the Dean of the College of Sciences is provided.

The President is also evaluated on an annual basis by the President of the University of Louisiana System based on criteria determined at the beginning of each fiscal year. The requirement for an annual evaluation of the President is described in University of Louisiana System Policy Chapter III, Faculty and Staff Section IV Role, Contractual Arrangements, Benefits, Expenses, and Evaluations of Presidents [Page: 4]

The performance of the institution presidents shall be individually evaluated on a regular basis according to a process approved by the Board. The evaluations are intended to (1) fulfill Board responsibility for making certain that each institution is well managed, (2) help the presidents improve their performance, (3) make certain that sound institutional goals are being pursued, and (4) identify opportunities for improving the management and planning functions of the University of Louisiana System and its constituent universities.The most recent report submitted by President Fos to the University of Louisiana System as part of his evaluation is provided. Also attached are the directions for the evaluation process. The results of is first evaluation since being appointed in 2012 are anticipated to be received by mid October 1.

Qualifications of Administrative Personnel of the University of New Orleans

Table 1 provides a summary of the key administrative personnel and their qualifications. Key administrative personnel include the President, Vice-Presidents, Associate and Assistant Vice Presidents, Deans, and the Chief Information Officer.

Table 1: Administrative Personnel Qualifications

Title/Year of Appointment Name/Title Education Relevant Years of Leadership Experience



Peter Fos

Ph.D. Health Care Decision Analysis

Tulane University

DDS Dental Surgery

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center


Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs


Richard Hansen (interim)

Ph.D. Higher Ed Administration

University of Denver


Vice President of Business Affairs


Gregg Lassen

Ph.D. Political Science

University of Southern Mississippi

J.D. Law

University of Houston


Vice President of Research and Economic Development


Kenneth Sewell

Ph.D. Psychology

University of Kansas


Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management


Brett Kemker

Ph.D. Speech and Hearing

University of Florida


Vice President of Marketing and Communications


Kevin McLin

MFA – Drama & Communications

University of New Orleans


Dean of Business Administration


John Williams

Ph.D. Human Resources

The Pennsylvania State University


Dean of Education and Human Development


Darrell Kruger

Ph.D. Geography

Louisiana State University


Dean of Engineering


Norman Whitley (interim)

Ph.D. Aeronautics & Astronautics

Stanford University


Dean of Liberal Arts


Kevin Graves (interim)

Ph.D.  Film & Theatre

Texas Tech University


Dean of Library


Sharon Mader

Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University

Instructional Technology and Distance Education

M.A. Library Science

Rosary College


Dean of Sciences


Steven Johnson

Ph.D. Biology

University of Kansas


Associate Provost


William Sharpton

Ph.D. Special Education

Georgia State University


Associate Vice President


Merrill Johnson

Ph.D. Geography

University of Georgia


Associate Vice President for Facilities


Warren Davis

M.S. Environmental Engineering

University of Houston

J.D. Law

University of Houston


Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs


Michael Dauenhauer

B.S. Business Management

University of New Orleans


Assistant Vice President for Human Resources


Ranzy Montet

B.S. Business Management

University of New York


Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications


Janine Tate

M.A. Mass Communications

Southern University


Assistant Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police


Thomas Harrington

M.A. Criminal Justice

Southern University – New Orleans


Registrar and Director of Institutional Research


Matthew Moore

Ed.D. Educational Leadership

Auburn University


Chief Information Officer


David Dupree (interim)

B.S. Computer Information

Loyola University

M.Ed. Higher Education

University of New Orleans


Director of Athletics


Derek Morel

Masters – Sports Administration

Ohio University



Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconDauenhauer_VitaeVitae for Mr. Mike Dauenhauer
Document IconDavis_VitaeVitae for Mr. Warren Davis
Document IconDupree_VitaeVitae for Mr. Dave Dupree
Document IconExecutive_Appraisal_SamplesSample Completged Evaluations of Executive Leadership Personnel
Document IconFos_VitaeVitae for Dr. Peter Fos
Document IconGraves_VitaeVitae for Dr. Kevin Graves
Document IconHansen_VitaeVitae for Dr. Richard Hansen
Document IconHarrington_VitaeVitae for Mr. Thomas Harrington
Document IconJohnson_VitaeVitae for Dr. Steve Johnson
Document IconKemker_VitaVitae for Dr. Brett Kemker
Document IconKruger_VitaeVitae for Dr. Darrell Kruger
Document IconLassen_VitaeVitae for Dr. Gregg Lassen
Document IconLeadership_Survey_ExampleSample Three-Year Evaluation Survey for Leadership Personnel
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Document IconMcLin_VitaeVitae for Mr. Kevin McLin
Document IconMJohnson_VitaeVitae for Dr. Merrill Johnson
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Document IconMoore_VitaeVitae for Dr. Matt Moore
Document IconMorel_VitaeVitae for Mr. Derek Morel
Document IconPresident_Eval_2014Evaluation Document Submitted to UL System by Dr. Fos
Document IconPresidents_Eval_Instr_2014President's Evaluation Instructions
Document IconSewell_VitaeVitae for Dr. Kenneth Sewell
Document IconSharpton_VitaeVitae for Dr. William Sharpton
Document IconTate_VitaeVitae for Ms. Janine Tate
Document IconUL_System_Policy_Chap_III_Sec_IVUniversity of Louisiana System Policy Role, Contractual Arrangements, Benefits, Expenses, and Evaluations of Presidents
Document IconUL_System_Policy_FS_III_II_A_1University of Louisiana System Policy Searches for University Presidents
Document IconUL_System_Policy_FS_III_II_B_1aUniversity of Louisiana System Policy Search Policies and Procedures for Positions of Dean or Higher
Document IconUL_System_Policy_FS_III_II_BCD_1University of Louisiana System Policy Personnel Actions
Document IconUnclassified_Personnel_Evaluations_SampleSample Completed Evaluations of Unclassified Leadership Personnel
Document IconUNO_Executive_Admin_Personnel_Eval_ToolEvaluation Tool used for Executive Administrative Personnel
Document IconUNO_Policy_AP-BA-45.2Performance Appraisal Requirements for Classified, Unclassified, and Academic Employees
Document IconUNO_SP_2_formUniversity of New Orleans Position Description Form
Document IconUNO_Unclassified_Personnel_Eval_ToolEvaluation Tool used for Unclassified Personnel
Document IconWhitley_VitaeVitae for Dr. Norm Whitley
Document IconWilliams_VitaeVitae for Dr. John Williams