Part 3 - Comprehensive Standards

3.2.9  The institution publishes policies regarding appointment, employment, and evaluation of all personnel. (Personnel appointment)

Partial Compliance


The appointment, employment and evaluation of faculty and staff at the University of New Orleans (UNO) are governed by policies established by the University of Louisiana System Office, Louisiana Department of State Civil Service Rules and the University of New Orleans Administrative Policies (AP).   

Personnel Appointments & Employment

There are two types of personnel appointments: 

Unclassified Faculty/Staff Appointments – Unclassified faculty appointments include tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, instructors, and adjuncts. Unclassified staff appointments are at-will employees who are typically degreed professionals who fulfill advisory/support roles.  The policy guidance for both unclassified faculty and staff is documented in Bylaws and Rules of the University of Louisiana System [Page: 2]

Classified Staff Appointments – Classified staff appointments include all full-time employees who are not at-will employees. The selection and appointment processes for these employees are governed by the Louisiana Department of State Civil Service. The policy guidance for all classified employees is documented in Louisiana State Civil Service Rules.

Unclassified Faculty/Staff: 

The University has established detailed policies and procedures which govern the recruitment, selection, appointment process and employment of unclassified faculty employees. The faculty hiring process is governed by Administrative Policy AP-AA-21.2 Faculty Appointments. An example of an unclassified faculty offer letter and a sample appointment checklist for a Faculty Appointment are provided.  Appointment procedures for Part-Time/Temporary instructors and adjuncts are also found in AP-AA-21.2, Faculty Appointments. 

The policy that describes the process for hiring Unclassified Staff employees is Administrative Policy AP-BA-43-2, Unclassified Appointments. An example of an unclassified staff offer letter and an appointment checklist for an unclassified appointment are provided.

University of New Orleans Administrative Policies (AP) are developed by stakeholders in a process coordinated by the appropriate Vice-President and submitted to the University President for final approval.  These policies are updated periodically and disseminated to all University employees via the University’s website.  These policies and procedures assist in navigating the current appointment practices with the goal to:

Ensure we reach the appropriate market of applicants;

Ensure all applicants are afforded an equal employment opportunity;

Encourage internal stakeholder involvement within the selection process;

Hire the most qualified candidate.

In the hiring process, faculty and staff vacancies must be filled through an open, advertised search.  All senior staff administrative searches are conducted by a search committee comprised of qualified faculty and/or staff having a working knowledge of the position being filled.  This process is governed by Administrative Policy AP-BA-33.2, Guidelines for Search Committees for Major Administrative Positions.  The advertisement is reviewed and approved by the UNO EEO Coordinator.  Additional information/stipulations for hiring unclassified staff employees can be found in Administrative Policy AP–BA-43-2 Unclassified Appointments. 

Classified Staff

The selection, appointment, and employment processes of classified employees are governed by Chapters 22 & 23 of the Louisiana State Civil Service Rules.  A sample offer letter and a sample appointment checklist for a classified appointment are provided.  Classified employee positions have specific job requirements to determine classification and job title.  Pay range and minimum qualification requirements are set forth by the Louisiana Department of Civil Service rules.  


The discipline/dismissal of unclassified faculty/staff and classified staff is in accordance with UL System Bylaws, Chapter III, Section XV – Faculty and Staff and UNO Administrative Policy AP-BA-47.2, Employee Discipline.


To ensure employees meet performance expectations, supervisors conduct annual performance evaluations on each of their subordinates. Unclassified faculty and staff employees, including administrative staff employees, are evaluated for the period of January 1st through December 31st as governed by Administrative Policy AP-BA-45-2, Performance Appraisal Requirements for Classified, Unclassified and Academic Employees.  Classified employees are evaluated for the period July 1st through June 30th using the Performance Evaluation System of the Louisiana State Civil Service as governed by Chapter 10 of the Louisiana Civil Service Rules.  

Performance evaluations are used in the decision process regarding actions of transfer, promotion, demotion, retention, employee training and development, and salary increases.

Publication and Dissemination of Policies

University of Louisiana System By-Laws are published on the UL System website.

Civil Service Rules are published on the Louisiana Department of State Civil Service website.

University of New Orleans Administrative Policies are published on the UNO website.

Appointment and employment policies are also detailed in the UNO Employee Handbook [Page: 29] for both faculty and staff.

An additional mode of disseminating policies and procedures related to appointment and employment of faculty and staff is found in the University of New Orleans’ New Hire Orientation conducted by the Offices of Human Resource Management and Academic Affairs.  There are three types of New Employee Orientation Checklists/Orientation Acknowledgements that are unique to the respective employees:

• Unclassified Academic Employees (Faculty)

• Unclassified Fiscal Employees (Staff) 

• Classified Employees

All new employees acknowledge the items covered in the New Hire Orientations by signing the New Employee Orientation Checklist/Orientation Acknowledgement form.

Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconChecklist_Class_PositionExample of Appointment Checklist for Classified Position
Document IconChecklist_Faculty_AppointExample of Appointment Checklist for Faculty Appointment
Document IconChecklist_Unclass_PersonnelExample of Appointment Checklist for Unclassified Personnel
Document IconFac_Offer_LetterExample of Faculty Offer Letter
Document IconLa_Civil_Serv_RulesLouisiana State Civil Service Rules
Document IconLa_Civil_Service_Rules_10Louisiana Civil Service Rules Chapter 10 Performance Evaluation System
Document IconLa_Civil_Service_Rules_22Louisiana State Civil Service Rules Chapter 22 Requirements for Filling Job Vacancies
Document IconLa_Civil_Service_Rules_23Louisiana State Civil Service Rules Chapter 23 Appointments
Document IconLa_State_Civil_Service_WebsiteLouisiana State Civil Service Website
Document IconOffer_Letter_Class_PositionExample of Offer Letter for Classified Position
Document IconOrientation_Checklist_AcademicExample of Orientation/Acknowledgement Checklist for Faculty
Document IconOrientation_Checklist_ClassifiedExample of Orientation/Acknowledgement Checklist for classified Personnel
Document IconOrientation_Checklist_UnclassifiedExample of Orientation/Acknowledgement Checklist for Unclassified Personnel
Document IconUL_System_Bylaws_ChapIII_SecXVUniversity of Louisiana System Bylaws Chapter III Section XV, Faculty and Staff
Document IconUL_System_Bylaws_Faculty_StaffUniversity of Louisiana System Bylaws and Rules Part Two, Chapter 3 Faculty and Staff
Document IconUnclass_Staff_Offer_LetterExample of Unclassified Staff Offer Letter
Document IconUNO_AP_AA_21_2University of New Orleans Administrative Policy - Faculty Appointments
Document IconUNO_AP_BA_33_2_Searches_AdminUniversity of New Orleans Administrative Policy Guidelines for Major Administrative Positions
Document IconUNO_AP_BA_43_2_Unclassified_AppointmentsUniversity of New Orleans Administrative Policy Unclassified Appointments
Document IconUNO_AP_BA_45_2University of New Orleans Administrative Policy Performance Appraisal Requirements for Classified, Unclassified, and Academic Employees
Document IconUNO_AP_BA_47_2University of New Orleans Administrative Policy Employee Discipline
Document IconUNO_AP_WebsiteUniversity of New Orleans Administrative Policies Published on Website
Document IconUNO_Employee_HandbookUNO Employee Handbook