Part 3 - Comprehensive Standards

3.4.2  The institution’s continuing education, outreach, and service programs
are consistent with the institution’s mission. (Continuing
education/service programs)

Partial Compliance


As indicated in the University’s “Mission and Vision” statement:  “The University of New Orleans is a comprehensive urban research university committed to providing educational excellence to a diverse undergraduate and graduate student body . . . .”  The Mission also states that the University is “one of the region’s foremost public resources, offering a variety of world-class, research-based programs, advancing shared knowledge and adding to the region’s industry, culture and economy.

Engaging in non-credit, outreach and service activities is also supported by Goal 6 of the UNO 2015-2020 Strategic Plan [Page: 44] : Broaden UNO’s image as a premier university at the regional, national, and international level while expanding our connection to the community.

Additional support in the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan for continuing education, outreach and service programs is found in the following action statements:

Goal 1, Strategy 2, Action A [Page: 13] Create Global UNO to expand community-based programs (non-credit, certificate programs, and off-campus offerings).

Goal 3, Strategy 2, Action D [Page: 25] Enhance recognition of outstanding faculty and staff performance in advancing UNO’s mission in teaching, research and service.

Goal 6: Strategy 1 [Page: 45] Strengthen UNO’s commitment to civic engagement.

Goal 6: Strategy 3 [Page: 47] : Promote UNO as a community asset.

Non-Credit Coursework

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, non- credit coursework was coordinated by Metro College. This unit was disbanded in 2006 and non-credit offerings have significantly reduced since that time. A new division, Global UNO, was recently put in place and charged with implementing non-credit courses and curricula that meet a wide variety of professional and enrichment needs.  As of June, 2013, continuing education was placed under the authority of Global UNO and notification was sent to all academic divisions on the procedures to follow to establish a non-credit program.

Non-Credit Coursework Delivered in 2013-2014

The Division of International Education offers non-credit coursework for the Intensive English Language Program. This program is designed especially for non-native English speakers who plan to study at an American university or who wish to improve their English for personal or professional reasons. A total of 231 students enrolled in one or more of the five sessions.

The Certified Performing Arts Executive certificate program is offered by faculty within the College of Liberal Arts. This program is offered as a professional overview course focused on the management aspects of the performing arts tour booking and presentation. The program is offered in association with two professional arts organizations.

College of Engineering faculty offered a non-credit course in fiber optics to individuals in the oil and gas industry to prepare them for international work. Successful completion of the course allowed the individuals to successfully obtain visa for their international work and justified their selection over less qualified in-country personnel.

New Non-Credit Coursework Scheduled for Fall 2014:

•            Test-Taking Strategies

•            Math – Prepping Your Way to College

•            English – Prepping Your Way to College

•            Ghost Hunting: A New Orleans Haunted History

•            Marketing Seminar(s) w/ Social Media

•            Introduction to SLR Photography

•            Maximizing Social Security

•            Introduction to Comedy & Improvisation

Jefferson Campus

Most non-credit courses have been offered at the Jefferson Campus in Metairie (suburban New Orleans). In 2014 a committee was appointed to study all utilization options for the Jefferson Center to increase usage and revenue.  One of the recommendations of the committee related to non-credit coursework. The committee recommended that personal enrichment and certification/professional development non-credit coursework continue to be offered at the Jefferson Campus for the 2014-15 academic year. In the 2015-16 academic year, all personal enrichment offerings would move to the main campus based on the committee's recommendations.

Outreach and Service Activities

All of the academic colleges are engaged in variety of outreach and service activities. Examples of these activities are presented below by college.

College of Business Administration

The Division of Business and Economic Research (DBER) provides a wide range of research-related services to businesses, government agencies, media, nonprofit organizations, and concerned individuals.  Principally known for its economic analysis and forecasts, the DBER has also conducted research studies on a number of other important issues. Examples of such work include visitor profiles, forecast of tourism indicators, customer satisfaction surveys, economic impact studies and analysis of casino gambling impacts. 

The Hospitality Research Center at the University of New Orleans is a collaborative effort of the Division of Business and Economic Research (DBER) and the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration (HRT). Principally known for its economic analysis and forecasts, the DBER has also conducted research studies such as visitor profiles, forecast of tourism indicators, customer satisfaction surveys and analysis of casino gambling impacts.

The School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism conducts an annual workshop for supervisors of the hotel and lodging industry of Greater New Orleans on leadership skills. The workshop consistently attracts over 60 participants. The school also conducts an annual seminar for the hospitality and tourism industry with statistics on the industry and projections for ensuring years. The seminar attracts over 200 attendees each year and is used to craft annual plans for businesses.

The Department of Accounting has sponsored the Energy Accounting and Technology Conference for 45 years. It is an eight hour Continuing Professional Education (CPE) seminar. The department has also co-sponsored a twenty hour CPE seminar with the Louisiana Society of Certified Public Accountants.

The Department of Marketing conducts Marketing Week each year. This event features guest lectures by marketing professionals and is open to everyone on campus.

The primary goal of the Institute for Economic Development and Real Estate Research is to provide technical assistance and applied research for public, private and nonprofit organizations throughout its service area.

College of Education and Human Development

The College of Education and Human Development held a three-part outreach series on urban education with funding from Capital One Bank. The speakers series invited over 250 participants from both the university and area inner-city schools to participate In sessions with two formats: a lecture series held at the university and technical assistance sessions with urban education experts held at the three participating school campuses.

The Departments of Curriculum and Instruction and Special Education and Habilitative Services offer a number of non-degree programs which provide the coursework necessary for certified teachers to add a new area of teaching endorsement/certification. These “add-on” certification programs include: Reading Specialist, English as a Second Language, School Librarian, Special Education – Mild/Moderate Disabilities, Significant Disabilities, Blind/Visual Impairments, Deaf Education, and Early Intervention.

College of Engineering

The Energy Conversion and Conservation Center conducts research on local, national and international projects that aim to improve the quality of life by solving technical problems associated with power generation, energy conservation and efficiency.

College of Liberal Arts

The Greater New Orleans Archaeology Program is a resource for private and public property owners, planners, and concerned citizens about archaeological issues in the greater New Orleans area.

The Neighborhood Story Project was founded as a book making project based in an area high school. The project has expanded to work with writers in neighborhoods around New Orleans to create books about their communities. The project focuses on collaborative ethnography to produce books and posters that do the work of telling stories of the city.

The Center for Hazards Assessment, Response and Technology (CHART) is an applied social science hazards research center that collaborates with Louisiana communities to develop best practices for reducing risks and improving community resilience to hazards. The CHART center hosts a community rating system user support group, conducts workshops on hazards mitigation and participates in relevant community meetings focused on hazard avoidance, mitigation, and response.

The New Orleans Jazz Institute is a partnership between the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (NOJO) and the University of New Orleans (UNO) that links UNO’s strengths in Jazz education with NOJO’s professional and performance expertise. The New Orleans Jazz Institute provides year-round music education and training for children ages 8-17, and serves to promote creative excellence and best practices in Jazz composition, performance, scholarship, importation, exportation and education.

The Survey Research Center (UNO Poll) is an independent academic survey unit offering high quality research services to people inside and outside of the University. The program provides training and experience in survey research to graduate and undergraduate students.

The UNO St. Claude Gallery is an exhibition space dedicated to showing the work of University of New Orleans M.F.A. candidates and faculty as well as exhibitions in conjunction with district and community events.

On The Move is the UNO Transportation Institute's (UNOTI) outreach program designed to introduce the next wave of budding scholars and practitioners to the exciting fields of urban studies and transportation planning.  Drawing upon the expertise of UNOTI’s faculty and staff, as well as the extensive network of professionals and organizations with whom UNOTI works, "On the Move" brings custom-designed workshops, presentations, and/or panel discussions to the youth of the greater New Orleans area, as well as longer-term training that is fun and interactive. 

Since 2011, the Merritt C. Becker, Jr. UNO Transportation Institute has served on the Sustainable Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC), an advisory group to the City of New Orleans City Council Transportation Committee composed of representatives from a diverse array of research institutions, advocacy organizations, governmental agencies or departments, economic development organizations, and transportation industry professionals.

College of Sciences

The UNO Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Sciences is a partnership of scientists and educators that combines rigorous scientific analysis with education, outreach, and planning to develop practical solutions to environmental challenges of the Pontchartrain Basin, the Gulf of Mexico, and similar coastal ecosystems in the United States and elsewhere in our world.

The Advanced Materials Research Institute supports two Summer Outreach Programs:

Research Program for High School Students and Teachers

High school students and teachers participate in research projects within the areas of synthesis, characterization and application of nanoparticles and their composites and assemblies. Participants also attend scientific and professional development seminars, a session on research ethics, and participate in field trips to local industrial and related sites and in organized social activities.

Research Program for Undergraduates

Undergraduate students participate in research projects within the areas of synthesis, characterization and application of nanoparticles and their composites and assemblies. The student participants also attend scientific and professional development seminars, a session on research ethics, and participate in field trips to local industrial and related sites and in organized social activities.

Training, Resource, and Assistive Technology Center (Reports to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs)

The Training, Resource, and Assistive Technology Center (TRAC) provides a number of non-credit training and outreach services for individuals who are blind and visually impaired. Services include assessing individuals for assistive technology and job site accommodations, computer training, public sector computer training, outreach to businesses to customize accommodations for employees with disabilities, and providing training and consultation related to assistive technology and vocational rehabilitation/employment issues for people with disabilities.

Supporting Documents

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