Part 3 - Comprehensive Standards

3.4.5  The institution publishes academic policies that adhere to principles of good educational practice. These policies are disseminated to students, faculty, and other interested parties through publications that accurately represent the programs and services of the institution. (Academic policies)

Partial Compliance


The University of New Orleans publishes academic policies that adhere to principles of good educational practice.

The University of New Orleans develops policies that align with policy generated by the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors, the governance board for the institution, and the Board of Regents, the coordinating board for higher education in Louisiana. Policies are developed to support UNO’s mission to provide educational excellence to a diverse undergraduate and graduate student body  Policy development is also informed by five guiding values [Page: 7] published in the 2020 Strategic Plan.

The University of New Orleans uses the term “Administrative Policy” (AP) to refer to university-level policies. AP-OP-01.1 Policy Development and Revision specifies two criteria to determine whether a given policy or procedure warrants its issuance as an AP document: (1) its multidivisional nature or impact and (2) its permanence or durability. The process for recommending an Administrative Policy is detailed in the AP and notes that the Office of the President makes the final determination of whether or not a recommended AP is adopted based on his authority codified in University of Louisiana System Bylaw/Rule “Role, Contractual Arrangements, Benefits, Expenses, and Evaluations of Presidents” to administer the institution over which he/she is appointed and to exercise complete executive authority therein. AP-OP-01.1 also specifies that UNO Administrative Policy include standard components including: effective and review dates, purpose, authority, definitions, and details of the policy. The format of Administrative Policy is informed by the “Developing Policy and Procedure Documents” Best Practices document disseminated by SACSCOC. All Administrative Policies are made available via the university website. Another requirement of AP-OP-01.1 is that all administrative policies be updated and made available to all stakeholders as seen in the following excerpt:

“Each division head shall maintain current and complete sets of AP documents that are readily accessible to all faculty and staff. Continuing efforts should be made by division heads when necessary to create and update policies assigned to their division. In addition, division heads will make reasonable efforts to apprise all personnel of the existence and availability of these documents and of any changes thereto. A comprehensive index of AP's will be published on the University web site and updated as necessary by the Policy Coordinator. A repository of all active policies will be maintained in a central location to ensure that accurate information is communicated to stakeholders”.

Most academic policies are developed and regularly revised through standing or special committees composed of members of the faculty, staff, and administration with input from students. Faculty members are the primary developers of academic policies and often this work takes place via committees formed by the Faculty Senate or the Faculty Council. For example, the General Education Committee revised the general education requirements in 2013-14 to improve attention to assessing learning outcomes. The Faculty Governance Committee worked with the Office of Academic Affairs to revise the Faculty Workload Policy in 2014. The University Courses and Curriculum Committee is the primary vehicle to revise academic policy related to degree requirements, programs of study, and university regulations.

Administrative Policies (AP) administered by the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management are also disseminated on the “Handbook and Policies” webpage of the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. These policies include: Commercial Test Administration, Alcohol and Drugs, Demonstrations, Mass Protest, Distribution of Literature, and Freedom of Expression, Anti-Hazing, Weapons on Campus, and Student and Student Organization Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities.

The Faculty section [Page: 29] of the Employee Handbook is the primary source of academic policies affecting the faculty on topics such as: workload, faculty governance, personnel policies, faculty benefits, and faculty grievance procedures. The Employee Handbook is updated annually and disseminated via the university website.

The Student Handbook includes a Policy and Procedure section [Page: 30] that addresses policies such as student code of conduct, filing complaints, academic dismissal, academic suspension, disability services, academic dishonesty, filing appeals, and other critical topics. The Student Handbook is updated annually and disseminated via the university website.

The University Catalog publishes all principal academic policies and procedures affecting academic programs and students. The majority of policies published in the Catalog [Page: 177] may be found in the University Regulations section. The Catalog is updated annually and disseminated via the university website.

In addition to the sources described above, some departments publish handbooks and resource manuals specific to a particular area of service delivery or academic program. For example, the Office of Disability Services publishes a Manual. The Office of University Housing publishes the Pontchartrain Hall Resident Handbook. The International Student and Scholar Handbook is published by the Office of International Students and Scholars. The College of Education and Human Development publishes a Handbook for Student Teachers and Interns enrolled in a teacher education program of study.

The links below demonstrate examples of departments disseminating current policy information on the university website:

International Student and Scholar Handbook

Office of Disabilities Services Manual

Office of Student Aid and Scholarship - Policies

Pontchartrain Hall Resident Handbook

Student Accountability and Advocacy - Policies

Student Health Services - Policies

Student Organization Handbook

Accurate Representation of Programs and Services

As noted above, the university Catalog and all handbooks are revised annually to ensure accurate representation of policies and procedures associated with university level services and individual programs of study. The committee structure supported by the Faculty Senate, Faculty Council and the Office of Academic Affairs ensures that policies in need of revision can be referred to an appropriate committee for action to be taken.

Supporting Documents

Document Description
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