Part 3 - Comprehensive Standards

3.4.9  The institution provides appropriate academic support services. (Academic support services)

Partial Compliance


The University of New Orleans provides academic support services for all students and faculty.  In support of the university’s mission, numerous programs are offered to ensure that students and faculty are supported in meeting their academic goals. The Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and the Office of Academic Affairs administer the majority of the academic support programs. Support programs offered for students and faculty are aligned with the following components of the Mission, Scope and Vision Statement:

Committed to providing educational excellence to a diverse undergraduate and graduate student body

Serves national and international students

Participating in a broad array of research, service learning, cultural and academic activities

Commitment to excellence in teaching and in student success

The following descriptions of academic support services demonstrate that the University of New Orleans offers a variety of support programs directly aligned with the themes drawn from the Mission illustrated by the statements above. The descriptions of academic support services are organized in two sections: 1) academic support for students and 2) academic support for faculty.

Academic Support for Students

Academic Advisement in Colleges  

Academic advisors assist students with planning educational programs that are in accord with the college's academic policies and degree requirements as well as with students' choices of major, academic abilities, special interests, and career options. Students meet with their academic advisors at least once per semester, including prior to registration.

Career Services

UNO Career Services provides a range of services for current UNO students to explore career options, plan and prepare for the job search, and pursue their career goals. Services include résumé review, cover letter, mock interview, career preparation, self-assessment of work values/ethics, business etiquette/communication, career advising, majors and career pathways, networking and recruitment events, career fairs, and the coordination of internships and experiential educational opportunities. Career Services also manages the Career Compass, which lists part-time and full-time job postings, as well as internships, and volunteer opportunities. Once registered on the database, students receive notifications regarding career fairs, activities, events, hot jobs, and career news.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services offers problem assessment and short-term personal (mental health) counseling to currently enrolled UNO students. These services are focused on the resolution of students' current personal concerns and problems, which might interfere with academic functioning. The Counseling Services staff can also assist students with referrals for longer-term or specialized treatment, if needed. Additionally, Counseling Services offers career testing and counseling to assist undecided students in choosing a career path, which corresponds to personality traits and their current interests and skills. All personal and career counseling services are confidential within the limits of the law. In addition to personal counseling and career testing and counseling, Counseling Services regularly offers psycho-educational workshops addressing a variety of topics including time management, learning styles and study skills, conquering procrastination, stress management and interpersonal skills development.

Disability Services  

The University of New Orleans is committed to providing an environment where all students have the opportunity to equally participate in the academic experience, including students with disabilities. Students with disabilities have rights as determined by federal and state laws which require institutions to provide reasonable accommodations for the student’s disability in order to afford an equal opportunity to participate in the college’s programs, courses, and activities.

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) assists students in meeting many of their educational needs on campus. The office is responsible for securing academic accommodations for students who have documented disabilities.  Accommodations include, but are not limited to, note takers, extended test taking time, course materials in alternate formats, adapted computers on campus, recording devices for lectures and assistive listening devices. ODS can assist in the coordination of accommodations for campus tours and events such as New Student Orientation.  The Section 504 Compliance Officer is the Director of Disability Services. The ADA Compliance Officer is the Director of Design and Construction in Facility Services.

Enrollment Services

The Office of Enrollment Services includes Admissions, Financial Aid, New Student Orientation, First Year Experience, First Year Advising and University Success.  In alliance with the mission and strategic plan of the University of New Orleans and the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, the mission of the Office of Enrollment Services to identify, attract, enroll, matriculate, and retain academically qualified students from the Greater New Orleans area and state, as well as nationally and internationally while striving to be the first choice to local students for higher education.  By providing quality and consistent customer service throughout the execution of its mission, the Office of Enrollment Services assists students and their support systems with the admissions process as well as obtaining all available financial resources, thus ensuring that all students have the opportunity to attend and thrive at the University of New Orleans.

First Year Advising

First Year Advising (FYA) is an advising program that assists incoming freshmen and transfer students who have completed fewer than 30 hours with advising needs. It is common for incoming students to have several questions regarding a major, class schedules, and registration. Incoming freshmen and incoming transfer students with less than 30 hours meet with the First Year Advising staff members for academic advising sessions. FYA assists students throughout their first year at UNO to ensure they progress on the right academic track.

Honors Program

Honors Program is a full-service program. It provides academic counseling, special courses, student-led activities, faculty lectures, informational seminars, social events, community service projects, and Quiz Bowl competition. The program works hard to create a community where students feel welcomed, encouraged, served, and challenged.  The program mission is to attract great students to the university, serve them, enrich their undergraduate studies, reward them, and graduate them with future opportunities they might not have had, had it not been for participation in the Honors Program.

International Education

The mission of the Division of International Education is to assist the University in its continuing efforts to enlarge its global presence, and to contribute to global understanding by developing and supporting opportunities worldwide for students, faculty, staff, and the general public. An education in the 21st century is incomplete unless students understand and experience the effects of globalization on economic, political, and cultural life. The Division promotes summer study abroad; manages international student exchange; eases entry of international students into the University; serves international students and scholars; and manages low-residency study abroad sites. The Division is the home to the Office of International Study Programs, the International Student Exchange Programs, the Office of International Students and Scholars, and the Intensive English Language Program.

Learning Resource Center 

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) houses the Writing Center and a 23-station computer lab for all students to utilize. It provides information about all departmental tutoring offered each semester and about the Supplemental Instruction Program on campus.  Tutoring services and resources are free and available to all UNO students.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation (NSO) is an informative campus program for all new freshmen, transfer, and adult students. The program, sponsored by the Office of Enrollment Services, is designed to help ease new students' adjustment to the University of New Orleans. The program addresses new student concerns and questions and provides a comfortable and satisfying transition to university life. The program allows new students to register for classes. The freshman program now includes an overnight component, allowing incoming students the opportunity to experience on campus living.

Privateer Enrollment Center

The Privateer Enrollment Center (PEC) was opened in July 2013 and is located in the heart of the campus in the Earl K. Long Library.  The Center offers knowledgeable staff that will welcome and assist students in all areas of enrollment services including Admissions (Graduate and Undergraduate), Financial Aid, New Student Orientation, First Year Experience, First Year Advising, and Veterans Affairs.  It is designed to expedite the enrollment process as well as facilitate a successful first year for all students.  For example, students get their first introduction to UNO in the state of the art Privateer Pride Room for a campus tour, submit documents for admission, receive federal financial aid counseling or student success coaching, meet enthusiastic and welcoming orientation leaders, learn what courses to select or about ways to get involved on campus, inquire about veterans benefits, or obtain a photo ID  The PEC is the place to visit for students to be connected to resources related to their academic, personal, and professional goals.  It is also the location of Centralized Enrollment Services each semester.  Additional services during those times include representatives from the Office of the Bursar, UNO Federal Credit Union, Campus Dining, Student Health Services, University Police for parking passes, and the University Computing Center’s Help Desk.  After the first contact with students, they are connected to services by Alpha Teams. Each team consists of an admissions counselor, a financial aid counselor, a financial aid validator, a reception services assistant, an academic advisor and a student success counselor for first year students. 

Student Academic Organizations  

There are numerous categories of student organizations that promote academic excellence such as Academic and Professional, Cultural, Honorary, Political, Arts/Music, Service, and Special Interest.  Each organization has its own focus and all students are encouraged to get involved.  Cultural organizations promote an understanding of different cultures, languages, and diversity. Honorary organizations focus on exemplary academic or leadership achievements.  Political organizations zero in on campus, local, national, or worldwide political issues.  Arts/Music organizations foster creativity in the visual arts, theater, dance, music, or film.  Special Interest organizations serve as a venue for students to join together with a common purpose.  Service organizations are dedicated to helping the community and environment through volunteer work.

Student Health Services  

Student Health Services is committed to providing the highest quality health care to the UNO community. Health Services offers evaluation and treatment of illness and injury, as well as educational programming for health promotion and illness prevention. Primary care is provided to students on an appointment basis. Various injections and advice on travel abroad are available to students. Comprehensive physical evaluation and diagnostic laboratory testing are also available to students.

Student Support Services  

Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded grant program designed to provide personal, academic and career guidance to a limited number of eligible undergraduate students enrolled at the University of New Orleans.  Student Support Services provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements and motivates students toward the successful completion of their first undergraduate degrees. The overall goal of Student Support Services is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants.  An eligible participant must be a first generation college student, meet federal income guidelines and/or have a documented disability. 

Student Support Services include: academic tutoring; advice and assistance in course selection; assistance with information on student financial aid programs, scholarships, assistance in completing financial aid applications and activities designed to improve financial literacy; assistance in applying for admission to graduate and professional programs; and exposure to cultural events and academic programs not usually available to our targeted population.  Student Support Services also provides supplemental grant aid to current Student Support Services participants who are receiving Federal Pell Grants and meet other program requirements. 

Testing Services  

Testing Services was founded to provide scoring and analysis of teacher-made objective testing for the university community.  Since its creation in 1972, this mission has broadened to include a wide range of academic and administrative services provided at little or no cost to its users.  Presently, services performed by Testing Services are related to the administration, scanning, scoring and interpretation of tests; evaluations of instruction; academic support services for instruction; data input for research; scan-able document preparation; and administrative data input and analysis.  In 1990, Testing Services was assigned full responsibility for the administration of commercial testing at UNO.  Testing Services assists any UNO student, faculty member, staff member, or administrator in support of the University’s institutional goals. 

Academic Support for Faculty

The Office of Academic Affairs  

Advisors’ Council

The Advisors' Council serves as the university's central resource to focus and facilitate activities and initiatives designed to promote and strengthen academic advising at UNO; as such, it provides a unified voice with which to seek institutional support for advising. The Council is responsible for communicating to advisors information regarding University procedures, policies, regulations, and deadlines, as well as for insuring the regular flow of information among colleges and other units regarding degree requirements, new programs and course offerings, dissemination of student satisfaction survey results, etc. In addition, the Council compiles and updates a University Advising Handbook, facilitates advisor training, participates in recruiting and training of peer advisors; sends a representative to meetings of the University Courses and Curriculum Committee; and promote relations between the Colleges and administrative units, such as the Office of Admissions, the Office of Financial Aid, the Office of the Registrar, and the Office of Athletics.  The Advisors’ Council Steering Committee meets about twice a month or as needed.  The full council meets at least twice a semester and once in the summer.  The council maintains meeting agendas and minutes.


New Faculty Professional Development and Mentoring Forums


A new faculty orientation is held each semester for new faculty at the university.  The purpose of the orientation is to orient them to the university; each administrative department on campus sends a representative to present information to the new faculty. 

The purpose of the New Faculty Professional Development and Mentoring Forum is to provide faculty within their first three years at the University of New Orleans an opportunity to learn more about the University and receive mentoring for a successful academic career.   The forum series is topic oriented and provides an opportunity for participating faculty to join in the conversation and discuss matters related to their role as a faculty member in fulfilling the University’s mission in teaching, research, and service.

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs  

Faculty Travel Grant Programs  

The goal of the program is to assist faculty members in becoming more competitive in obtaining funding for their research and scholarly efforts.  Funding is provided to allow faculty members to visit a federal program manager at their office.  Two programs are offered: one for emerging faculty and one for tenured faculty.  If an emerging faculty member (on a tenure track but not tenured) receives a Board of Regents travel grant to visit a program manager’s office, the faculty member is eligible for supplemental funding for that trip.  Tenured faculty can apply for funding to visit a federal program manager.

1 for 3 Program

For every three doctoral students supported on extramural funding in a department, ORSP will fund one doctoral student (new recruit) the following year.  The goal of the program is to recruit highly qualified doctoral students for the department.  The new recruits elevate the program.  Faculty members have access to students who can assist with their research and scholarly efforts.  Faculty members are encouraged to seek extramural funding for their research and doctoral dissertation research.  Since the start of FY2011-12, 25 students have been or are currently supported by this program.

Research Council  

As an advisory body, the Research Council provides advice and assistance to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development on research policy.  The goal is to nurture a climate to encourage faculty to be productive in research, thus increasing their reputation in their field and increasing the number of students at UNO.  The council provides recommendations for the Research Professor Awards and the summer research award recipients.  The council is comprised of the Vice President for Research, the Executive Director for Research, and a representative from each of the colleges, library, and Board of Regents approved centers and institutes.

Research Professor Awards [Page: 2]  

There are three categories of Research Professor Awards:

·       Early Research Professor – holds the rank of Assistant Professor

·       University Research Professor – holds the rank of Associate Professor

·       President’s Research Professor – holds the rank of Professor


Awardees have distinguished themselves in their creative and scholarly activities. As part of the award, the awardees receive a one-course buyout to allow them time to pursue research, creative or scholarly activities.  Awardees are recommended by the Research Council and announced by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP). ORSP provides the funding for the award.

Host/Coordinate Webinars and Workshops

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) offers assistance in coordinating webinars, meetings, and workshops on campus related to extramural funding, as requested by the departments.  By providing organizational assistance, the faculty members are able to host events on UNO’s campus without an undue administrative burden.

In September 2013, UNO planned and hosted the annual Louisiana Space Consortium (LaSPACE) Council meeting.  This event was requested by the Physics Department Chair, who is a LaSPACE council member, and was attended by council members from other Louisiana universities, private entities, and state agencies.

In June 2013, a seminar on the NASA EPSCoR Program was conducted by LaSPACE personnel. This event was requested by the Physics Department chair and attended by faculty members at different institutions in the southern geographical area of the state.  The seminar described the various funding opportunities offered through LaSPACE for faculty and students.

Summer Research Awards

The Summer Research Awards program was initiated in summer 2009 to assist the faculty in their research and scholarly efforts.  It is a competitive program in which faculty members submit proposals that are reviewed and scored by the Research Council.  Currently, two programs are offered:

1.     ScoRE (Stimulating Competitive Research) provides seed money, not on-going support for existing projects.  The goal of the program is to enhance faculty ability to compete for extramural sponsored funding.  Funding priorities include preliminary data collection, planning and writing a grant proposal for extramural funding, maintenance of lab activities while preparing for a new area of research, and purchase of research equipment.

2.     CEO (Creative Endeavor Opportunity) provides support to launch programs of research, scholarship, exhibition or performance.  Proposals are evaluated for potential impact on a faculty member’s discipline and its contribution to their development as a researcher, teacher and scholar.


Over the past five years, 111 scholarly and research awards were given.

1.     80 different faculty members received awards during the five year period.

2.     50 of the faculty members did not hold an active extramural award at the time of their summer award.

3.     13 of the 50 received extramural funding after receipt of the summer research award.


Professional Development

Each semester ORSP offers live sessions on various topics related to management of extramural funding (Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013).  All sessions are also converted to on-line, on-demand training.  Topics include, but are not limited to, budget preparation, proposal writing, creating reports, searching for funding opportunities, and internal approval process.  Sessions are also offered on the Board of Regents funding programs.  Programs include funding for undergraduate research opportunities, enhancements for research or educational programs, creative endeavors, and research projects.  Sessions are open to all faculty, staff and students.  The goals of the sessions are to make grant preparation and management easier in order to allow the faculty more time to spend on their research, creative, and teaching efforts.

ORSP also conducts departmental training, on demand and posts funding opportunities on its website. ORSP subscribes to funding databases available to all faculty, staff and students for opportunities to fund research projects, creative endeavors, and student fellowships/scholarships.  On the ORSP website, there are links to private agencies, non-profit agencies, state agencies, and federal agencies.  The Louisiana Board of Regents disseminates information about its various funding programs. ORSP sends out regular emails listing  funding opportunities sorted by disciplines. 

Human Resource Management Faculty and Staff Awards  

Service Awards are awarded to employees on the basis of years of service to the University. Awards are given at 5 year intervals for all years of employment. This award is administered through the Office of Human Resource Management.

The Gordon "Nick" Mueller International Leadership Medallion is awarded to an individual who has provided significant leadership towards the internationalization of the University of New Orleans. This award is administered through the Office of the President and consists of a modest medallion of de minimus monetary value.

The Cooper Mackin Medallion honors the third Chancellor of the University of New Orleans and is awarded to a faculty or staff member who has made outstanding contributions in support of the University's mission. This award is administered through the Office of the President and consists of a modest medallion of de minimus monetary value.

The President’s Award for Community Outreach and Engagement is awarded annually to a faculty member in recognition of exemplary work-related efforts at engaging the community in furtherance of the mission of the University. This award is administered through the Office of the President.

UNO International Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award is conferred by the UNO International Alumni Association Board of Directors and consists of a recognition plaque and a cash award.  Two awards are made per year. In addition, the Office of the President has committed to an award of an additional $2,000 per year. The award is administered through the Office of Alumni Affairs and is subject to the availability of funding. This award shall be bestowed upon a faculty member in the unclassified service. 

Seraphia D. Leyda Teaching Fellowship recognizes a faculty member’s long term success in teaching.  Seraphia Leyda was a Louisiana native, a former Professor and Chair of English, and one of the generations of faculty members hired soon after the creation of the University of New Orleans.  She was a distinguished teacher, scholar, and administrator. The award consists of a budgetary allowance of $3000.00 per year for 3 years for supplies, travel, and/or student worker support of scholarly activity. This award is administered through the Office of Academic Affairs and is subject to the availability of funding. This award is bestowed upon a faculty member in the unclassified service.  

University Computing Center (UCC)

Training: University Computing and Communications (UCC) provides faculty training sessions on the use of the University’s computing key systems and applications. UCC’s Training Unit provides relevant technical training throughout the year for faculty, staff, and students at UNO in several areas of PeopleSoft (UNO’s Enterprise Resource Planning system), Microsoft applications, and others. Training is mainly provided through group-delivered workshops, although one-on-one and e-learning materials (documentation, multimedia tutorials, and Web resources) are also provided.

Training needs are identified by focusing on systems that are critical for the implementation of the University’s mission and by meeting with University departments in order to identify training trends and requirements.  Prior to each semester, training is reviewed by the Training Staff.  The objective of the review is to ensure the training modules are accurate and consistent with identified training needs of each target group. All training materials are reviewed and revised, as appropriate, on a semester-by-semester basis. During each review, UCC Training staff will check technical accuracy, timeliness, and sufficiency to achieve the stated learning objectives. In addition, course evaluations are reviewed each quarter to assess program effectiveness, and appropriate changes are made as needed in order to enhance training effectiveness. 

In addition, UCC provides and maintains two computer rooms for faculty use.   The Faculty Staff Resource Center (FSRC) is a drop-in computing lab for any UNO faculty or staff.  The lab has 16 Intel and 2 Macintosh computers equipped with scanners, a projector, a laser printer, and various multimedia and software. The FSRC offers a variety of workshops for faculty and staff.  The PeopleSoft Training is a check-out lab with 24 Pentium PCs, one Instructor PC, and one projector. The main use for this lab is PeopleSoft training for end users.  Additionally, faculty may reserve the lab to teach classes.

UNO’s Instructional Technology office provides training on the use of Moodle, UNO’s Learning Management System (LMS) used on campus.  One Director, certified by Moodlerooms in Moodle and Joule system administration and a supervised staff of student workers provide training and technology support.   An administrator at the University Computing and Communications Help Desk, and network and enrollment specialists from UCC provide backup administrative capabilities and back-end management of Moodle’s network and enrollment functions.   Faculty are trained by the Office of Instructional Technology in the development of courses and the use of the LMS, or they can also request one-on-one or small group training, or may attend scheduled workshops on specialized topics on the use of digital instructional tools and best practices. Additional user training and documentation is offered as needed through the Help Desk.  Additionally, the Office of Instructional Technology supports faculty in the use of digital tools to design and deliver online courses, hybrid and classroom instruction. These tools include Turnitin, Adobe Connect, Impatica, and Second Life.

Research Computing:  The University is a member of the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI) and an Affiliate Member of UCAID (Internet 2).  LONI is a state-of-the-art, fiber optics network that runs throughout Louisiana, and connects Louisiana and Mississippi research universities to one another as well as to the National LambdaRail and Internet2.   Through LONI, researchers have access to one of the most powerful supercomputing resources available to any academic community with over 85 teraflops of computational capacity from systems based at Louisiana universities, 5.6 teraflops of which is directly provided by a 128 node Dell Linux cluster supercomputer located at UNO Lakefront campus.  In addition, LONI provides access to the TeraGrid community, the world's largest, most comprehensive distributed cyber infrastructure for open scientific research.  Through our association with LONI, UNOnet currently has access to the following Internet services: Commodity Internet (I1) at 90 Mb/sec, Internet2 (I2) at 1 Gigabit/sec, and National Lambda Rail at 10 Gigabit/sec (for Supercomputer clustering and Grid based computing support).

Mathematical Computing: To assist students and faculty, UNO licenses MATLAB and MathematicaMATLAB integrates mathematical computing, visualization, and a powerful language to provide a flexible environment for technical computing.  Mathematica is the tool of choice for scientific research, in engineering analysis and modeling, from simple calculator operations to large-scale programming and interactive document preparation. MATLAB and Mathematica are installed in all Student Open Labs and several departmental labs on campus.

Statistical Computing:  As a Carnegie Research University, UNO is committed to the process of discovery.  To assist researchers, including graduate and under-graduate students with quantitative analysis, UNO supports SAS and SPSS for statistical computing.  The university has a site license for these packages, and SAS and SPSS are installed in all Student Open Labs and several departmental labs on campus.

Sabbatical Leave: The University of Louisiana System has established procedures for institutions to grant sabbatical leave to support academic pursuits of faculty. Guidelines are distributed annually to faculty who are eligible to apply when they have completed six years of service. Two faculty will receive sabbatical leave support in the 2014-15 academic year.

Information about all support programs described above is disseminated via the UNO website as evidenced by the links to website pages specific to the various programs.

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