Part 3 - Comprehensive Standards

3.6.3  At least one-third of credits toward a graduate or a post-baccalaureate professional degree are earned through instruction offered by the institution awarding the degree. (Institutional credits for a degree)

Partial Compliance
Not Applicable


The University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors has established rules for graduate study. Rule Chapter II Students Section XI Requirements for a Master’s Degree require at least 30 semester hours of graduate work including 6 hours for thesis for master’s degrees and Section XIII Requirements for Doctoral Degrees specify that a doctoral degree “normally shall be the equivalent of at least three years of graduate study beyond the baccalaureate degree.” At the University of New Orleans, the hours required for a master’s degree range from 30 to 60. For a doctoral degree, the required hours range from 30 to 69 hours beyond the master’s degree. 

University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors rules also state that, a maximum of 1/3 of the required credits for a Master’s degrees may be transferred from another institution. Only graduate work with a B or better may be transferred. The University of Louisiana System rules do not specify a maximum number of hours that may be transferred to a doctoral degree.

University policy states that “The majority of credits toward a graduate degree (either master’s or doctoral) must be earned at the University of New Orleans.”  For master’s degrees, the University of New Orleans  follows the University of Louisiana System rule that no more than 1/3 of hours may transfer.

All of the University of New Orleans’ Doctoral programs adhere to the university’s transfer limitation of no more than 50% of total hours.  However, several programs further limit the number of transfer hours:  The Ph.D. in Educational Administration only allows students to transfer in 15 credit hours out of the total 69 required beyond the master’s degree, the Ph.D. in Urban Studies limits transfer credit hours to 9 out of the required 48, the Ph.D. s in Chemistry and Biology allow only 9 transfer credit hours out of a total of 30 required, and the Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Sciences allows only 9 credit  hours of transfer work out of a total of 51 required. 

UNO does not offer any post-baccalaureate professional degrees or graduate degrees through a joint, cooperative, or consortia agreement. 

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