Part 3 - Federal Requirements

4.6  Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies. (Recruitment materials)

Partial Compliance


Recruitment materials and presentations at the University of New Orleans accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies.  The Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (SAEM) is responsible for recruitment processes.  The Office of Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing (OCPRM) promotes the University through multiple efforts including marketing to prospective students.  Recruitment is a campus-wide priority; therefore, faculty and staff are included in the student recruitment process.  SAEM and OCPRM solicit input from academic departments for accurate and up-to-date information regarding their degree programs.  This information is compiled and provides the basis for the recruitment efforts of the Admissions counselors with regards to individual programs.

The University website is a primary recruitment tool designed to inform prospective students about admissions processes, as well as detailed information regarding academic programs.  Following are examples of department websites maintained by faculty.

Biological Sciences Department

History Department

Undergraduate Recruitment Materials

The Office of Enrollment Services (OES) produces various print and electronic recruitment materials to recruit new undergraduate students to the University.  Individual academic departments produce additional materials.  All recruitment materials accurately represent the institution’s practices, policies, and academic programs.

In order to ensure recruitment materials accurately represent the institution, OES works directly with the OCPRM to create layouts, select artwork and design each piece.  The text goes through multiple reviews by both OES and OCPRM staff to ensure accuracy of the content included.  Faculty and staff review accuracy within their area of operation.  At each reprinting or redesign, each piece is reviewed carefully for accuracy of content as well as message. 

Following are several examples of recruitment pieces produced by OES. 

University Brochure

Music Department Brochure

Freshman Admission Requirements

Transfer Admission Requirements

Graduate Recruitment Materials

The Graduate School relies on two primary assets for student recruitment: 1) printed materials and 2) Graduate School website.  These assets are provided in addition to materials and websites managed by colleges and departments with graduate programs.  Recruitment information, regardless of format, is kept as current as possible and accurately represents UNO’s program offerings and admission practices and policies.

All recruitment and promotional materials for the Graduate School and graduate programs are reviewed by OCPRM prior to their production and distribution.  These include brochures, flyers, posters, specialty items, and advertisements.  Review of these materials is part of the brand identity-management function to ensure graphic and editorial consistency throughout the campus.

The Graduate School produces a brochure intended as a guide to graduate studies at UNO as well as numerous print-as-needed materials to assist students with admissions.  Graduate School materials for the most part follow a standard format to ensure that information presented is consistent and accurate.

The Graduate School website is the most comprehensive source of information, addressing issues such as admissions, financial assistance, and forms for current students.  The website is maintained by the Graduate School, but all changes are approved through OCPRM to ensure a reader-friendly presentation and consistently accurate information.

Each college and department is responsible for producing its own printed materials and maintaining its own website.  The following examples are presented.

Masters in Business Administration Brochure

Engineering Management Brochure

English Department Website

Occasionally, the Graduate School will assist with design of informational materials.  The following materials were designed by the Graduate School.

Master of Urban and Regional Planning One Sheet

Master of Science in Urban Studies One Sheet

Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconBiological_Sciences_Department_WebsitBiological Sciences Department Website
Document IconEngineering_Mgt_BrochureEngineering Management Brochure
Document IconEnglish_Department_WebsiteEnglish Department Website
Document IconFirst_Year_One_SheetInformation Materials: Admission Requirements for First Time Students
Document IconGraduate_School_BrochureGraduate School Brochure
Document IconGraduate_School_WebsiteGraduate School Website
Document IconGradudate_School_As_Needed_FlyersGraduate School Print-As-Needed Recruitment Materials
Document IconHistory_Department_WebsiteHistory Department Website
Document IconMBA_BrochureMasters in Business Administration Brochure
Document IconMSUS_One_SheetMaster of Science in Urban Studies One Sheet
Document IconMURP_One_SheetMaster of Urban and Regional Planning One Sheet
Document IconMusic_Department_BrochureMusic Department Brochure
Document IconOCPRM_WebsiteOffice of Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing Website
Document IconOffice_Enrollment_Services_WebsiteOffice of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Website
Document IconProspective_Students_WebsiteUNO Prospective Students Website
Document IconTransfer_Student_One_SheetInformation Materials: Admission Requirements for Transfer Students
Document IconUniversity_BrochureUniversity Brochure