Part 3 - Federal Requirements


An institution that offers distance or correspondence education has a written procedure distributed at the time of registration or enrollment that notifies students of any projected additional student charges associated with verification of student identity.

Partial Compliance


The University of New Orleans notifies students in distance learning courses or programs of any projected distance learning fees, especially those associated with verification of student identity.  The University Catalog  [Page: 187] includes the following statement:

To protect the integrity of its educational courses and programs, the university takes measures to ensure that a student awarded academic credit is the same student who successfully completes course requirements.  Students enrolled in any distance learning course may be required to participate in authentication methods such as a) secure login and pass code, b) proctored examinations, or c) new or other technologies and practices that are effective in verifying student identification.  There may be additional charges associated with this verification process.  If applicable, this authentication requirement and associated fees will be clearly stated on the course syllabus.

Additional costs, if any, specifically associated with the verification of student identity are clearly identified on course syllabi, as required by the University.  The UNO Syllabus Requirements document is presented as well as sample syllabi. (Example 1 [Page: 5] Example 2 [Page: 12] )

The Tuition and Fees section of the Office of the Bursar’s website includes information related to distance learning fees and details are included on each itemized tuition statement at the time of registration.  The University’s Online Testing website also includes fee information related to ProctorU.

The goal is to ensure that students are made aware of authentication requirements and applicable fees associated with online courses.  The University does not offer any correspondence education.


Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconSample Online Course Syllabi---
Document IconUNO Course Syllabus Requirements_Summer Fall 2014University Course Syllabus Requirements Document
Document IconUNO_Bursar_Tuition_Fees_WebsiteUNO Office of the Bursar Website: Tuition and Fees Section
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