Part 4 - Institutional Summary Form Prepared for Commission Reviews

General Information

Name of Institution  University of New Orleans

Name, Title, Phone number, and email address of Accreditation Liaison

William R. Sharpton

Associate Provost and SACSCOC Liaison


Name, Title, Phone number, and email address of Technical Support person for the Compliance Certification

Elizabeth Land

Executive Assistant to the Provost


Submission date of this completed document  9/8/2014

Educational Programs

1. Level of offerings

check-box_small.png  Four or five-year baccalaureate degree program(s) requiring a minimum of 120 semester hours or the equivalent

check-box_small.png  Master's degree program(s)

check-box_small.png  Doctoral degree program(s)

2. Types of Undergraduate Programs

check-box_small.png  Liberal Arts and General

check-box_small.png  Teacher Preparatory

Governance Control

check-box_small.png  Part of a state system, system board serves as governing board

Institutional Information for Reviewers

Directions: Please address the following and attach the information to this form.

1. History and Characteristics

Provide a brief history of the institution, a description of its current mission, an indication of its geographic service area, and a description of the composition of the student population. Include a description of any unusual or distinctive features of the institution and a description of the admissions policies (open, selective, etc.). If appropriate, indicate those institutions that are considered peers. Please limit this section to one-half page.


2. List of Degrees

List all degrees currently offered (A. S., B.A., B.S., M.A., Ph.D., for examples) and the majors or concentrations within those degrees, as well as all certificates and diplomas. For each credential offered, indicate the number of graduates in the academic year previous to submitting this report (January to December). Indicate term dates.


3. Off-Site Locations and Distance and Correspondence Education

Off-Site Locations:

List locations (country, state, and city) where course work toward a degree, diploma, or certificate can be obtained primarily through traditional classroom instruction. For each site, indicate the partial or complete degree offered and, for each degree, certificate, or diploma, whether a student can obtain 50 percent of credits toward any of the educational programs.


Distance and Correspondence Education

Provide a list of credit-bearing educational programs (degrees, certificates, and diplomas) where 50 percent or more of the credit hours are delivered through distance education modes. For each educational program, indicate whether the program is delivered using synchronous or asynchronous technology, or both. For each educational program that uses distance education technology to deliver the program at a specific site (e.g., a synchronous program using interactive videoconferencing), indicate the program offered at each location where students receive the transmitted program. Please limit this description to one page, if possible.


4. Accreditation
  1. List all agencies that currently accredit the institution and any of its programs and indicate the date of the last review by each.
  2. If SACS Commission on Colleges is not your primary accreditor for access to USDOE Title IV funding, identify which of the other accrediting agencies serves that purpose.
  3. List any agency that has terminated the institution’s accreditation (include the date, reason, and copy of the letter of termination) or list any agency from which the institution has voluntarily withdrawn (include copy of letter to agency from institution).
  4. Describe any sanctions applied or negative actions taken by any of these accrediting bodies (including the Commission) during the two years previous to the submission of this report. Include a copy of the letter to the institution from the agency.

5. Relationship to the U.S. Department of Education

Indicate any limitations, suspensions, or termination by the U.S. Department of Education in regard to student financial aid or other financial aid programs during the previous three years. Report if on reimbursement or any other exceptional status in regard to federal or state financial aid.