Feedback and Response  The institution identifies expected outcomes, assesses the extent to
which it achieves these outcomes, and provides evidence of
improvement based on analysis of the results in community/public service within its  mission, if appropriate,  (Institutional effectiveness - community/public service within its mission, if appropriate)

Findings of the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee

The University of New Orleans identifies community/public service as central to its mission, describing itself in its mission statement as a “global community asset.” Service is also central to the university’s vision, emphasizing the institution’s aspiration to be “a primary engine of social, economic, intellectual and cultural development in the New Orleans region and beyond.” One of the university’s 2020 strategic goals relates specifically to expanding the institution’s “connection to the community.” The university has also identified five strategies for accomplishing the community/public service component of its strategic plan. Action tables in the university’s strategic plan identify action steps, responsible parties, plans and assessment measures associated with each of the five strategies. The institution identifies the role of external stakeholders, service learning and community service expectations for faculty in the university’s approach to community service. The university also describes existing institutional-level measures of community engagement (i.e. NSSE and FSSE). While institutional-level strategies, relevant units and stakeholders, and institutional-level measures of engagement have been identified, it is unclear how the university currently assesses or plans to assess the extent to which it achieves its expected outcomes related to community/public service. In addition, no evidence of improvement is provided.

Response and Actions Taken

The University has implemented outcomes and measures related to community/public service in order to collect data for improvement purposes.  These efforts are tracked via two web based software systems, WEAVE and Faculty 180.


All institutional effectiveness plan outcomes are aligned with strategic goals included in UNO 2020, the University’s current strategic plan.  These associations are tracked in WEAVE so that related assessments, findings and closing the loop efforts may be managed and documented.

Assessments are in place for all outcomes aligned with the community service strategic goal. The University Strategic Plan by Association Report  presents the community service outcomes and measures.

Following are randomly selected community/public service outcomes and measures.




Center for Hazards Assessment Response and Technology

UNO-CHART's research projects support its mission to assist residents, local and state officials, and communities in understanding and reducing risk to natural hazards.

Review of project deliverables.

Review of production and dissemination of report, manuals, presentations, etc. (will include social media utilization rates and Scholarworks reports)


College of Liberal Arts

Maintain visibility within the community, state, region and nation with outreach programs in the Arts, humanities and Social Sciences

a. community outreach through centers and institutes.

b. Art series (concerts, theatre season, art exhibitions)

c. Professional Immersion Opportunities Project

d. UNO Poll

e.  Continued presence with national organizations (Model UN, ACTF)


Maintain audit of number of community “touches” by UNO COLA units; Evaluations by community/COLA units interaction; Survey results of COLA/community organization interaction; Attendance at UNO Arts series; Student/Organization evaluations of PIOP involvement; Results of UNO polls, Evaluations of processes; Award and national notices of activity

Institute for Economic Development and Real Estate Research

Provide direct assistance to three community economic development projects in the New Orleans or surrounding regions.

Provide support services and applied research capabilities to local agencies and organizations engaged in economic development.

Tally applied research, site studies, strategic plans completed

Number of projects initiated in response to agency/organization requests

Accounting Department

Encourage faculty members to accept board positions.

Encourage faculty to serve on committees.

Encourage faculty to assist in service learning opportunities.

Tally participation in service organizations, committees and other efforts.

Earth and Environmental Sciences Department

Faculty will promote earth and environmental sciences through involvement with other institutions, businesses and the community.

Support local organizations with technical and educational expertise on the environment, natural resources, and evolution of the earth.


Tally community activities and projects


Faculty will document their commitment to partnerships through specific examples recorded in the department annual report

Interdisciplinary Studies

Create partnerships with community businesses and non-profit agencies for paid and non-paying internships.

Invite professionals to participate and students to attend IDS Alumni Panel

Tally number of internships


Music Department

Establish series of community events

a. Present the Jazz at Sandbar series

b. Present the Musical Excursions series

c. Host

local and statewide musical events

d. Host rehearsals and performances for its established family of community groups

e. Establish a yearly residency by a nationally recognized new music ensemble.

Tally events and contacts

Establish a series of events that will allow the department to achieve a minimum of 5,000 contacts during the 2014-2015 academic year Faculty will lead or participate in at least 300 public events, including workshops, performances, and other outreach activities

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Support participation by full-time faculty in professional societies and fund memberships and trips to conferences and seminars. Encourage participation on journal editorial boards and participation on national technical committees/task groups (one per faculty)

Faculty activity report


All University units report findings and closing the loop efforts on an annual basis, primarily at the end of the academic year, therefore there are no 2014-15 results yet.  The exception to this is academic programs, which report student learning outcome findings as assessments occur, usually each semester.

Outcomes included in the 2013-14 institutional effectiveness plans were similarly aligned with community service goals, but these corresponded with the former 2011-14 Strategic Plan.  Following are randomly selected examples of closing the loop efforts related to community/public service outcomes from the 2013-14 academic year.

Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Foundations Department – Closing the Loop




Action Plan

Develop a departmental report of different placements throughout the community across programs. Seek additional community sites.

Internship/field experience report

 Nineteen graduate students in Counselor Education was placed in 13 different school and community sites this year. Graduate student in Educational Leadership were placed in eight different school in Orleans and Jefferson Parish. These students contribute significantly to the community by offering services and assistance to non-profit organizations, schools, and community members.


Students in Human Performance and Health Promotion will begin internships next Fall. We will also track student placement and supervisor evaluations of these students.


Fine Arts Department – Closing the Loop




Action Plan

Professional activities including board and committee service, volunteering and attendance

Faculty Activity Report; Program review by NASAD; Review of all faculty by chair.

Target met. More than 30% of faculty attended exhibitions at on- and off-campus galleries, participated in recruitment at college fairs, and all collaborated on courses and curriculum committee development. Spring 2014: 81.8% of faculty engaged in community service, and 100% of faculty attended receptions, exhibitions, lectures, and related events at professional venues. 72.7% of faculty served on committees or community boards. 45.5% of faculty members also participated as consultants in community-related arts events, and volunteers. Activities included guest curatorial service, working on and with artist collectives, serving on University committees, and engaging with Prospect New Orleans to create curriculum and arts events. Faculty also collaborated with other departments on campus to hold events, such as readings in the Fine Arts gallery on campus and a musical performance by the percussion group MANTRA at the UNO-St. Claude Gallery.

Faculty will continue to serve as gallery committee members, on the visual arts board of the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, attending recruitment activities and college fairs, and attend copious and ongoing exhibitions for faculty and students.




Interdisciplinary Studies – Closing the Loop




Action Plan

Create partnerships with community businesses and non-profit agencies for paid and non-paying internships.

Tally number of internships

During the Fall 2013 semester, 1 student completed satisfactorily an internship with Christy Heaton in the Office of Enrollment Services. The student completed a portfolio showing the work completed with regard to creating networks on campus for adult students. The Adult Student Network included Study Abroad information, working on résumés with Career Services, Moodle and Webstar Training, monthly meetings with adult students and social events. Christy Heaton sent IDS an evaluation of the students work. In Spring 2014 three students successfully completed internships in the following venues: 1) A tailor and dress designer company in Holland; 2) WDSU-TV internship; 3) UNO Enrollment Services Internship- The student worked with adult transfer students.

Interdisciplinary Studies wants to offer our students as many internships possibilities as possible. We will develop our own criteria for evaluation of the internships along with a generic on site evaluation form that can be easily adapted to meet the different internship responsibilities. The Academic Director and the Associate Director will work with Career Services to create an appropriate evaluation form for use at multiple internship venues. But, we cannot effectively progress without another Academic Counselor in IDS.


Mathematics Department – Closing the Loop




Action Plan

1.  Faculty will conduct scientific research through involvement with other institutions, businesses and the community


2.  Support local organizations with technical and educational expertise in statistics and applied math

1.  Tally community research partnerships


2.  Faculty will document their commitment to partnerships through specific examples recorded in the department annual report

1.  Fall 2013 Findings: 75% (six out of eight) professorial faculty members in the department actively participated in various community research partnerships. These partnerships included: (i). Working with school districts in the Greater New Orleans Area to provide professional development for their teachers and improve the test scores of their students, (ii). Collaborating with the New Orleans branch of the USDA on research projects related to cotton fiber length, (iii). Collaborated with the Levee Monitoring Group to use geophysical instruments for monitoring the levees around New Orleans. (iv). Assisted the Louisiana's Attorney General's office with statistical projections. (v). Assisted federal investigative agencies with investigation as a statistician. The goal was met. Spring 2014 Findings: 6 out of 8 faculty members have continued with community research partnerships. The specific details of continued partnerships are listed above which have continued throughout the cycle 2013-14. The goal was met.

2.  Fall 2013 Findings: All faculty members documented their community partnerships in their CV's. The goal was met. Spring 2014 Findings: All faculty members documented their community partnerships in their CV's and those would be documented in the departments annual report for 2013-14. The goal was met.

1.  The department will continue with its present collaborations to promote the mathematical applications with industry. The faculty members will seek additional venues to expand such activities.

2.  The department will continue with its initiatives to expand its participation/assistance to the local community with mathematical needs. The mathematics department has in last one year established a collaboration with Ben Franklin High School to share and coordinate its successful teaching methodology with the high school.



Faculty 180

The following five college reports have been generated from the software and document the community/public service activities of all full time faculty by department for Fall 2013 through Fall 2014.  Administrators, including deans and chairs, have access to this information and it is included in annual department reports.  Individual performance in community/public service is assessed annually as a basis for reflection and improvement.


College of Business Administration – Faculty Activity Report

College of Education and Human Development – Faculty Activity Report

College of Engineering – Faculty Activity Report

College of Liberal Arts – Faculty Activity Report

College of Sciences – Faculty Activity Report


Following is one faculty member example from each department of community/public service that has been documented in Faculty 180.     

Faculty Community Service - Examples  

College of Business Administration






Charter Member

Knights of Columbus


Economics and Finance


Sildell Economic Development Alliance

Advise Mayor and City Council regarding Economic Development issues in the city.

Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management 

Bayou Classic Career Fair

American Hotel and Lodging Association

Coordinated volunteers to work the Greater New Orleans Hotel and Lodging booth at the Career Fair.

Management and Marketing 

Pro Bono Consultant


Provide consulting about marketing related activities to entrepreneurs engaging in social and environmental change ventures

College of Education and Human Development





Curriculum and Instruction 

Literacy Consulting

Jefferson Parish

Consult with the Pre-K and K teachers in research based literacy practices at Kenner Discovery

Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Foundations

Unemployment and Older Workers

Angela Hill Show--Radio Interview

Guest for a panel of discussing the impact of unemployment on older workers.

Special Education and Habilitative Services

Literacy Alive Project - Orleans Parish Prison

Orleans Parish Prison

Literacy Alive was designed to support the local community with literacy activities. This aspect of Literacy Alive is for UNO student volunteers to tutor inmates at OPP.

College of Engineering





Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Role of Municipalities in Public Health

Jefferson Parish

Designed and produced a public educational video to help the Jefferson Parish in accomplishing the goal of millage renewal with partnership of local engineering companies.

Electrical Engineering 

Academic Co-host

GMIS Conference, New Orleans


Mechanical Engineering 

Energy Committee

World Trade Center of New Orleans


Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering 

UNO Engineering Tour

St. Charles Satellite Center Engineering

Providing tours of and demonstrations in the UNO Towing Tank for students of St. Charles Satellite Center Engineering

College of Liberal Arts






Creative Writing Program

Lake Area High School

The Neighborhood Story Project hires a graduate students at UNO to run writing workshops for high school students that then are turned into an anthology. We have supervised this program for 3 years


Ready, Set. College: A UNO Outreach Project

Freshman Writing Program

Ready, Set, College is an outreach project dedicated to increasing the numbers of college-ready high school graduates. We provide professional development workshops for local ELA middle and high school teachers at both private and public schools. These workshops help ELA teachers to better understand how they can redefine their approach and praxis in light of the new CCSS and how they can increase students’ curiosity and engagement with course content. The kinds of professional development I organize vary by school, but they tend to intersect on various topics or issues: responding to student writing, creating a sense of ownership of and engagement with writing, and teaching writing as a process of inquiry. More than 90% of the teachers respond that they felt the PD sessions impacted their teaching positively, and more than 80% say that they feel their teaching would benefit from continuing the relationship.

Film and Theatre 

Meeting with international filmmakers

US Department of State/New Orleans Citizens Diplomacy Council

Meeting with filmmakers and other media producers from various countries (South Korea, Nigeria, Holland, Latvia, Nicaragua, Algeria, etc.) who were on a tour of US to study the state of film in the US.

Fine Arts 

Member of the board of trustees

Contemporary Art Center

Board member, Chair of Artspeak committee, member of the Visual art committee

Foreign Languages 

Deutsche Samstagsschule

Deutsche Samstagsschule

Founding member and teacher of German Saturday School, a non-profit group to promote the German language in the greater New Orleans community


Invited speaker

WOW Ecotourism Summit, Violet, LA

Invited to speak about ecotourism opportunities in St. Bernard Parish at parish-sponsored summit


Let Them Talk Oral History Event

French Quarter Festival

Coordinate the educational component of the French Quarter Festival, the largest free festival in the South (600,000 participants 2014)



LMEA (Louisiana Music Educators Association)

Adjudication for the Elementary and Middle School as well as High School Large Group Choral Festival for District VI LMEA



Alexis de Tocqueville Project in Law, Liberty, and Morality

Founded in fall 2011, the Alexis de Tocqueville Project in Law, Liberty, and Morality was established to examine enduring topics in the history of Western moral and political thought. We implement a number of initiatives in support of this mission, including: (1) public lectures, panel discussions, and debates; (2) a seminar series in philosophy and political economy; (3) an 8-week summer seminar program; (4) the Tocqueville Project Undergraduate Fellows Program, and (5) free courses for college credit offered to local high schools students as part of UNO's dual-enrollment program; and (6) funding to support academic travel and scholarship for UNO faculty members and affiliated undergraduate and graduate students. A complete listing of past and future events can be found on our website,

Planning and Urban Studies 

Academic Partner

Land of Opportunity Multi-Media Platform

Served as an adviser to the director of the Land of Opportunity film as they develop a multi media platform for educational and organizing use.

Political Science

Member, Board of Directors

The Election Center: The National Association of Election Officials

A nonprofit organization of state and local election officials that works to enhance the democratic process by promoting professionalism and continuing education among election officials.


Extraordinary Minister

St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church Parish

Serving as an Extraordinary Minister assisting the priest and deacons during Sunday masses on a regular basis.

College of Sciences





Biological Sciences 

STEM Workshop

New Orleans Girl Scouts ages 9-13

Involved in STEM Workshops for Girl Scouts. We had a series of labs set up for the Biological Sciences. I ran the DNA lab along with some of our undergraduate students. There were also workshops in Engineering, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences.


Speaking of Science participator

Louisiana Board of Regents

Volunteer in the LA BOR's Speaking of Science program, which arranges for scientists to give presentations at K-12 schools in the state.

Computer Science


GE Capital

Collaborated with GE Capital in forming the UNO-GE SWEAT program

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Strip the City: New Orleans

Windfall Productions for Discovery Channel

Conducted interviews and filming with WindFall Productions for New Orleans Strip the City Discovery Channel series.


Community Engagement

LaSIP program

As part of the LaSIP program and independently of it, have fostered a relationship with several local schools and school districts. I have gone into local schools and: tutored, observed teachers, attended planning meetings, attended meetings where standardized test results were gone over and discussed, provided professional development, and helped organize lesson study open houses at schools. This has included numerous schools from the following districts: Capital One-New Beginnings, Orleans, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Tammany, and Plaquemines. A list of specific schools can be furnished upon request.


Coach, FLL Robotics Team

Boyet Jr. High School, Slidell, LA

Coach/mentor 7th and 8th grade students on the First Lego League Robotics Team. Team won the State Championship and competed in an international competition in May 2014 in San Diego California.


Anxiety Services


Director, Childhood Anxiety Disorders Clinic, Psychological Services Clinics at the University of New Orleans (2001-Present)

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