Feedback and Response

3.4.3  The institution publishes admissions policies consistent with its mission. (Admissions policies)

Findings of the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee

UNO’s catalog and various brochures and electronic resources present clear admission requirements for all levels and categories of students. The evidence provided shows admission requirements and policies that are consistent with the mission of the University and in Compliance with the University of Louisiana System Bylaws and the Louisiana Board of Regents Academic Affairs Policy. Additional requirements at the program level are clearly defined and communicated through the materials reviewed.

The narrative explained that the review of credentials for undergraduate students occurs in the Office of Enrollment Services and in individual academic departments for graduate students; however, documentation as to how that process takes place and how admission decisions are made was not provided. There is reference to a table giving evidence that the standards for admission are consistently implemented, but it could not be found in the report.

Response and Actions Taken

As requested, information is provided to show the admission process and how admissions decisions are made. 

Fundamental Admission Standards

The University of New Orleans follows its established admissions policies.  The current admission standards were set by the Louisiana Board of Regents in 2012 and are described in LA BoR Minimum Admission Standards 2012 [Page: 3] .  As per Section 5 of this document, UNO did not exceed the acceptable 6% exceptions during the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 reporting period.  In Fall 2013, UNO admitted a total of 3.9% of Freshmen and Transfer by exception.  In Spring 2014, UNO admitted a total of 4.7% Freshmen and Transfer by exception.  The combined total of admitted/enrolled student exceptions for the Fall 2013 – Spring 2014 reporting period was 4.1%. 

All other students met or exceeded the established admissions standards of the university.

Data can be found in the Summary of Admission 2013-2014.

Undergraduate admissions:

Training manuals are distributed to admission counselors and are used as guides for the various admission processes including freshmen, transfer, international, and high school dual enrollment.  These manuals provide admission requirements as well as the technical steps for navigating the various operating systems and external resources including Hobsons, PeopleSoft, WebSTAR, Singularity, Transfer Evaluation System, and the National Student Clearinghouse.  Staff members in the Office of Enrollment Services use these manuals in order to ensure consistent decision making and adherence to admission requirements.

The undergraduate transfer admission process is described in the Transfer Manual.

The freshmen admission process is described in the Freshman Operational Manual.

The international student admission process is described in the International Application Process.

The dual enrollment admission process is described in the Dual Enrollment Admission Manual.

Graduate admissions:

Each of the University's graduate degree programs has its own individual admissions requirements.  Graduate Coordinators for each individual program are issued a Graduate Coordinator Handbook annually.  The Handbook provides an overview of the application review and decision process as well as the admissions standards for the University.  Program coordinators review qualified applicants and make decisions accordingly.  There is one staff member in International Education and one in Enrollment Services who each process graduate applications.  Each individual reviews the admission decisions by the department before entering the decision in WebSTAR.

The graduate student admission process is described in the Graduate Coordinator Handbook [Page: 11] .


Supporting Documents

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