Feedback and Response

3.4.10  The institution places primary responsibility for the content, quality, and effectiveness of the curriculum with its faculty. (Responsibility for curriculum)

Findings of the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee

The primary responsibility for the curriculum lies with the faculty. This is clear from the processes in place to initiate new courses or programs or discontinue them. Either individual faculty or faculty committees (University Course and Curricula Committee and the Graduate Council) are involved in these processes. Programs are periodically reviewed as is evident from the materials related to Accounting, Mechanical Engineering and others supplied as examples.

Although policy documents and copies of proposals have been provided, copies of signed documents showing evidence of the actual approval process at every level have not been provided.

Response and Actions Taken

Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconFR_COBA_ACCT_FT Course Change_UGGRCOBA_ACCT_FT Course Change_UGGR
Document IconFR_COBA_MBA_Curric Change_GRCOBA_MBA_Curric Change_GR
Document IconFR_COE_ENMG_Course Add_GRCOE_ENMG_Course Add_GR
Document IconFR_COE_MECH_Curric Change_UGCOE_MECH_Curric Change_UG
Document IconFR_COEHD_COUNS_Curric Change_GRCOEHD_COUNS_Curric Change_GR
Document IconFR_COEHD_EDFR_Course Change_GRCOEHD_EDFR_Course Change_GR
Document IconFR_COLA_ENGL_Curric Change_UGCOLA_ENGL_Curric Change_UG
Document IconFR_COLA_HIST_Course Change_UGCOLA_HIST_Course Change_UG
Document IconFR_COLA_PHIL_Stream Course Drop_UGCOLA_PHIL_Stream Course Drop_UG
Document IconFR_COS_CHEM_Curric Change_UGCOS_CHEM_Curric Change_UG
Document IconFR_COS_PSYC_Course Change_UGCOS_PSYC_Course Change_UG