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3.4.11  For each major in a degree program, the institution assigns responsibility for program coordination, as well as for curriculum development and review, to persons academically qualified in the field. In those degree programs for which the institution does not identify a major, this requirement applies to a curricular area or concentration. (Academic program coordination)

Findings of the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee

At UNO, responsibility for coordination of each academic program is assigned to a faculty member who possesses appropriate qualifications in his or her field. The department chair typically serves as the coordinator of undergraduate programs housed in the department, while graduate program coordination is assigned to a Graduate Coordinator who is selected from faculty members in the department. Graduate Coordinators must also hold an appointment to the Graduate School. While the institution notes that these practices are further reinforced by an Office of Academic Affairs review of the transcripts of all department chairs and graduate coordinators to ensure that their academic credentials are appropriate to the degree program they coordinate, no supporting evidence was presented for this claim. UNO presented a table listing the coordinator of all undergraduate and graduate degree programs along with a link to these transcripts of each coordinator. The Off-campus Committee’s review of a sample selected from these credentials confirmed that each individual possessed appropriate credentials for an assignment as program coordinator.

However, the institution did not provide a description of the coordinator’s oversight responsibilities or examples of how these responsibilities are executed, so the Off-site Committee was unable to confirm the responsibilities that these individuals have in the areas of program coordination, as well as curriculum development and review.

Response and Actions Taken

A description of Academic Program Coordinator [Page: 69] duties was developed by the Academic Procedures and Standards Subcommittee of the Faculty Senate and may be found in the Faculty section of the Employee Handbook. Examples of Program Coordinator duties include assisting the Department Chair with scheduling courses associated with the program of study, assisting with student performance data collection and review, addressing Institutional Effectiveness data collection, analysis, and decision making related to a specific academic program, assisting with coordinating student advising efforts, and stewarding the course and curriculum change process related to a specific program of study.

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