Feedback and Response

3.13.1  Applicable Policy Statement: Any institution seeking or holding accreditation from more than one U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting body must describe itself in identical terms to each recognized accrediting body with regard to purpose, governance, programs, degrees, diplomas, certificates, personnel, finances, and constituencies, and must keep each institutional accrediting body apprised of any change in its status with one or another accrediting body.

Findings of the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee

UNO provided a list of the nine discipline-specific accrediting bodies that have currently awarded accreditation to the institution as well as link to each accrediting body’s website and the most recent letter from each organization awarding accreditation to the institution. However, no information was provided regarding the information that UNO had provided to these accrediting organizations, so the Off-site Committee was unable to verify that the institution had described itself in identical terms to these bodies with regard to the prescribed areas.

Response and Actions Taken

The Office of Academic Affairs works with the academic units engaged in accreditation review to ensure that the same language is used to describe the university. A table that includes a description of each prescribed area in standard 3.13.1 is posted on the Academic Affairs website. The dean of each academic unit (College of Business Administration; College of Education and Human Development) preparing documents for an upcoming accreditation review has received notification to use the information provided by the Office of Academic Affairs to ensure consistency.

Supporting Documents

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Document IconFR_Academic_Affairs_Resource_webpageAcademic_Affairs_Resource_webpage
Document IconFR_Email_to_Darrell_Kruger_COEHD_Dean_regarding_NCATE_accreditationEmail_to_Darrell_Kruger_COEHD_Dean_regarding_NCATE_accreditation
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