Feedback and Response

3.14.1  A member or candidate institution represents its accredited status accurately and publishes the name, address, and telephone number of the Commission in accordance with Commission requirements and federal policy. (Publication of accreditation status)

Findings of the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee

The institution publishes information about its accreditation by the SACSCOC in both its 2014-2015 University Catalog and on the UNO Website. While both of these locations include all of the information required by the Commission, neither of the locations uses the specific statement prescribed by the Commission.

Response and Actions Taken

Based on the feedback received from the off-site review process, the statement related to SACSCOC accreditation was revised in both the University Catalog [Page: 3] and the website. All references now use the specific statement prescribed by the Commission.

Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconFR_SACSCOC_Accreditation_University_of_New_Orleans_webSACSCOC_Accreditation_University_of_New_Orleans_web
Document IconFR_UNO_Catalog_and_SACSCOC_Accreditation_InformationUNO_Catalog_and_SACSCOC_Accreditation_Information