Feedback and Response

3.2.9  The institution publishes policies regarding appointment, employment, and evaluation of all personnel. (Personnel appointment)

Findings of the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee

The appointment, employment, and evaluation of all faculty and staff are governed by the policies of three entities: the University of Louisiana System Office, the Louisiana Department of State Civil Service Rules, and the UNO Administrative Policies. The policies of each of these entities were provided. The UNO Administrative Policies, developed by the stakeholders, appear to address adequately the prescribed goals of the policies: as listed in the documentation P.116-117. Additionally, these regulations are adequately published and readily available to all employees and applicants in addition to their inclusion in the orientation process for all new employees conducted by the Office of Human Resource Management and Academic Affairs at UNO. The Institution has clear and published policies regarding the appointment of faculty and staff and these are published on its website.

Periods of annual evaluations for unclassified faculty and staff according to UNO Administrative Policies are defined. Although the institution did not provide faculty evaluations here it they are provided in CS 3.7.2. However, the university has not provided evidence of actual faculty/staff evaluations to show implementation of their policies.

Response and Actions Taken

As stated in the Compliance Certification, the University of New Orleans employs three types of personnel: non-classified (fiscal), classified (fiscal) and faculty (9 month). Each type of personnel is evaluated annually. Three samples of evaluations are provided. The non-classified sample includes a range of positions according to level that support the administration of the university. The classified sample includes a range of positions designated by the State Civil Service Commission. The faculty sample (College of Business Administration, College of Education and Human Development, College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts, College of Sciences, Library) includes both full and part time faculty representing both tenured/tenure track and annual appointments (non-tenure positions). The sample includes a selection of faculty across ranks from each of the five academic colleges as well as the library.

Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconFR_FacEvalSample_COBAFacEvalSample_COBA
Document IconFR_FacEvalSample_COEFacEvalSample_COE
Document IconFR_FacEvalSample_COEHDFacEvalSample_COEHD
Document IconFR_FacEvalSample_COLAFacEvalSample_COLA
Document IconFR_FacEvalSample_COSFacEvalSample_COS
Document IconFR_FacEvalSample_LIBFacEvalSample_LIB
Document IconFR_Sample_Administrator_EvaluationsSample_Administrator_Evaluations
Document IconFR_Sample_Classified_Evaluations_RedactedSample_Classified_Evaluations_Redacted