Feedback and Response

3.2.14  The institution’s policies are clear concerning ownership of materials,
compensation, copyright issues, and the use of revenue derived from the creation and production of all intellectual property.  These policies apply to students, faculty, and staff. (Intellectual property rights)

Findings of the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee

The University has clearly specified policies and procedures to manage intellectual property. These are outlined in policy AP-RE-03.2. Although the University of Louisiana System Policy on Intellectual Property and Shared Royalties governs all intellectual properties policies at the university, the President of the university has ultimate authority for making decisions related to this area. The details of royalty sharing between the university and the inventors/creators are clearly outlined and so are the policies in effect if the university decides not to protect an invention.

The University has not provided any example materials to demonstrate that the policies are actually followed.

Response and Actions Taken

As requested, examples and data regarding the use of University policy on Intellectual Property (AP-RE-03.2) are provided. A table of Intellectual Property activity at the University is maintained by the Office of Research and Economic Development. The table covers the period from 2010-2014 and describes each activity in ways that are consistent with the University policy on Intellectual Property and includes information demonstrating that the activity is consistent with the University Intellectual Property process audit.

Three examples of Intellectual Property agreements between individual entities and the University executed in the 2013- 2014 Academic Year are provided:

BrokeDown Paradise – Composer License Agreement is an agreement between the university and a faculty member in the Department of Music and a producer of media regarding a set of musical compositions. The agreement allows the producer to use the compositions and not be in violation of copyright or other rights of the Department of Music faculty.

BrokeDown Paradise – Work for Hire Agreement is an agreement that acknowledges that work of full time faculty on a project that led to a film product held commercial value. The ownership of the work remained with the university, and royalties were protected by the university and distributed to the collaborators on the project. Every issue of the “work-for-hire” as an instance of intellectual property as designated in our Intellectual Property policy is addressed in this agreement.

BrokeDown Paradise – Grant of Rights is an agreement between the University and an Artist-in-Residence covering the ownership and rights to (not ownership of) a script for a short film. Every issue of intellectual property as designed in the University Intellectual Property policy is addressed in this agreement.

Supporting Documents

Document Description
Document IconFR_AP_RE_03_2_Intellectual_Property_PolicyAP_RE_03_2_Intellectual_Property_Policy
Document IconFR_Intellectual_Property_Composer_AgreementIntellectual_Property_Composer_Agreement
Document IconFR_Intellectual_Property_ScriptIntellectual_Property_Script
Document IconFR_Intellectual_Property_TableIntellectual_Property_Table
Document IconFR_Intellectual_Property_Work_For_HireIntellectual_Property_Work_For_Hire